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Title: Light up the trenches where my heart lies (until I can see again)
Author: [ profile] noelia_g
Crafters: [ profile] komadreja (art) and [ profile] solookup (the fanmix)
Fandom: Generation Kill
Characters/Pairings: Brad Colbert/Nate Fick, Walt Hasser/Ray Person
Warnings: language, sexual situations but no graphic sex.
Rating: R
Word Count: 20,636
Summary: Actors AU. Brad Colbert and Nate Fick had met on the set of a now cancelled sci-fi show, years ago. Now, Hollywood turns out to be a small town after all, and it’s hard to avoid someone you broke up with. Especially when you both sign up for the same movie.
Disclaimer: Based on characters as portrayed on a tv show. Nothing but fiction.

part one || part two || part three || fanmix || art

First and foremost, to [ profile] kubis. She dragged me into this fandom. She made me sign up for the Big Bang. She ensures I write and kicks my ass when I don't and can always be counted on for constructive feedback (in the lines of: "NATE <333").

To [ profile] cala_jane, who has been my partner in crime for over nine years now. And even though she assumed I wouldn't even like Generation Kill and forgot to mention how AWESOME it is (for which she should be fired. Fired, I say.), she continues to support me and be there and be awesome.

Kubis and Cala were there for THE event of the summer, Camp Big Bang. A week of writing and insanity and eating whatever was delivered (usually from my Grandma, who wouldn't let us starve) and complaining that the outside world had lame background wallpaper. Next year, same thing.

To [ profile] idrilka, who saved my life by looking over it. She's awesome and all the remaining mistakes are mine. She also bears my occasional whining on instant messaging, and that's not a small feat.

To [ profile] lunatics_word, who always says she hates me, after every fic I write. I can't help it if they want to angst, I'm sorry. But she supports me and she's awesome.

To [ profile] soriso, who read this as it was being written and glared at me from the other side of the room and threatened to kill me if I don't fix them and soon.

To [ profile] solookup and [ profile] komadreja, for kind words, for choosing my story, and for amazing craft. They are extremely talented and wonderful. Thanks so much.

To everyone who reads my fics. To everyone who comments, because I live for those. To everyone who makes the Generation Kill fandom an amazing, magical place of astonishingly and wonderfully good fic and awesome people. I am lucky to have stumbled upon this.

To the [ profile] warbigbang mods, [ profile] exsequar and [ profile] zippitgood for making this happen, for the amazing amount of work put into the comm and for simply being fantastic. I know I'll be signing up next year.=
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