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Don't you just love Thursdays? Well, I suppose Wednesdays for those of you who get these shows on tv, and don't have to wait till the next morning... But I love Thursdays.

csi:ny 5x18: Point of No Return )
Lie to Me 1x07: The Best Policy )
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Dear TV gods,

You know I usually don't ask for much, and I am a good viewer, I watch for plot, and character development, and am not easily swayed by pretty faces and soulful eyes.

But please, please, please, grant me this one wish, and show Don Flack of CSI:NY fame without his shirt on. You are teasing me since the last season, with the wifebeater, and the raising of his shirt to show the badge, and the nicely opened top buttons of his white shirt lately, but you refuse to go all the way.

I do appreciate the gift that was Gary Sinise in a pool, I really do, but, Don Flack. Eddie Cahill. Shirtless. Can has?

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Title: Collide
Fandom: CSI:NY
Pairing: Mac/Stella/Flack
Spoilers: Happens after 2x24, spoilers up to 3x01
Rating: R
Words: 2253
A/N: for [ profile] juana_a.

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God, I've waited whole day to for this, in the sense that I dloaded in the morning, but had to go run errands. But I've also waited the entire summer for this, because the other shows are all fun and pretty, but this is my show, this is the show I love beyond all else.

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33 CSI:NY 4x01
33 Dr. Horrible.

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It's the little things, they always come back to bite you, Mac says, and it's the one sentence that sums up this season perfectly. The little things, the great things, the past always comes back, the consequences of your actions and inactions, the ripples coming from the smallest deeds, the cause and effect, always. Past doesn't stay buried. It waits to be stirred.

Season three is incredibly strong thematically and, as Mac also says, everything is connected. )
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The first season of CSI New York was a study in grief. But the ending is hopeful, with Mac, the focus and soul of the season, moving on and out of his shell.

Season two, in my opinion, strengthens the change, and shows how the team grows closer, into a family.

We don't have to stay. We don't <i>have</i> to... )
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I've just finished rewatching season 1, and I think, for the very first time I actually watched it in order, with not a one episode missing, not a scene lost. I've started watching CSI:NY from the later half of season 2 (Fare Game, to be exact), and then made up for the first half, and the first season, out of order, the way I could find the episodes online.

And season 1 loses a lot, while watched out of order. Yes, this is a typical procedural, and therefore each episode stands very much on its own (apart from some longer arcs, but even then you don't get all that much confused). But season 1 is not only about plots and murders, no. Season one is very much about loss and grief and Mac Taylor.

(And I think that, even though I adore Flack the most, and regard him as my tv boyfriend, I love Mac so completely, I might be watching this series for him.)

Behold the man that loved and lost, But all he was is overworn. )


Jun. 6th, 2008 10:12 pm
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1. Stumbling towards graduation:

Subjects signed off: 2/8
Final exams: 0/5
Final projects finished: 1/4
Thesis status: Final version handed in. Waiting for the opinion.
Days left till the Zero Hour: 24
Teaching Practice: finished forever, squee.

2. seen Narnia )

3. slowly rewatching CSI:NY, season 2 )

4. CSI:NY still, spoilers to season 5 )
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A quick one, as I'm incredibly busy this weekend, having a social life. I know, I'm surprised too.

my boyfriend looks hot in kevlar )
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You know the drill. This is the show I love and squee about every week.

Personal Foul, spoilers )
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I love all my tv shows (on the current count, I'm watching 23 of shows that do still have new episodes coming. I'm also in the process of watching some that are already over but I've just discovered them, or finally got episodes. I might need a life, but the so-called real life doesn't have Flack) but I get this geeky and this squeeful and thise excited only over csi:ny.

Therefore you, dear flist, are once more subjected to:

csi:ny squee )
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Polish people coming to UK for work must be quite noticeable, if we get a mention on Doctor Who, eh?

Part of me is thrilled. Part of me is slightly disappointed that we didn't get a Polish guy playing the character (the accent was dodgy, btw. More Russian than Polish, IMHO). Part of me is slightly annoyed that the natural assumption was that he must be working illegally.

But, mostly thrilled. Look, we're mentioned on Doctor Who. Hee.

In other news, Going Postal will be the next Discworld movie. David Tennant for Moist, y/y?

In other other news, I got sunburned. For those of you who met me, you know how unlikely that is, as I never sunbathe, and generally do a very good vampie impression, what with hiding in the shadows and snarling at the sun.

But yesterday I needed to escape people who came with visit, so I went into the garden and pretended the book I was reading was A Very Important Book For School(TM) (In fact: Fighting the Forces: What's at stake in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It mentions 'phalically named Spike' and 'a growing sexual tension between Giles and Buffy', so I'm a happy person because I am an easy person). And I started reading, and somehow didn't notice that I got more and more red as the time passed. For heaven's sake, it's April, the sunrays shouldn't be that strong.

Now I am red and itchy. Not yay. (And still have the slight food poisoning. Also not yay.)

in other other other news, spoilers for csi:ny: my squee, let me show you it )
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...because I was going to write this when I got distracted by the shiny AMY ACKER ON DOLLHOUSE.

erm... )
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...or how CSI:NY punches me repeatedly in the guts.

I still love you, show, I do )
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new csi:ny, and why Flack is my favourite tv boyfriend )
And, just... My show is back! BACK. I know you guys are all psyched about BSG, and I'm happy it will get back, and that other shows are slowly appearing, but CSI:NY is my show, the one that never disappoints, and always loves me.

So, yes. This is me, and this is my squee.

PS. go vote in the [ profile] hetfic_minis poll, if you hadn't already, it closes tomorrow :D
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Title: Patterns (things you think about)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 255
Summary: it's amour courtois of sorts, things you choose to say
A/N: I loved writing this. For [ profile] choc_fic. Prompt was: 'using knowledge as a tool of seduction'.

Read it here
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so, AXN started Vegas s8, and on 6th march it will start Miami s6 and New York s4. Add it to the s3 of Miami and s2 of New York on Polsat, and s6 ending and s7 of Vegas beginning on TVP2. And the tie-in novels started to come out, and the games... Poland is well into the CSI obsession.

That means, of course, that stars of the shows start to appear on the TV guides' covers. Which leads me to the WTF moment of the day: Who, in the name of everything unholy, thought it was a good idea to aibrush Melina Kanakaredes so she has no distinguishing facial features? I recognised her only because I know the photo! (and well, because it said it was Melina on the cover).

Yes, she's not sixteen, and yes, she has a few lines on her face, but she's so amazingly beautiful... at least, in theory she is. Because on the cover, she looks like a plastic statue fom Madame Toussand.

YES, angry. Because aaargh.

In more positive news, finally watched Tin Man. Weeeeee, Cain/DG ftw. gimme fic.

Also, [ profile] hetfic_minis started off, with Buffy pairings in the first round. Go, check it out if you hadn't before. I'm so excited!


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