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It's this time of the year. This year, like last year, has been quite prolific. Most of it is Batman, of course, but I also discovered the new Trek Fandom and wrote some stuff in Polish for the [ profile] multifandom_pl ficathons.

Not all of my stuff is linked down here, because this has been the year when I discovered the kink memes, and honestly, I'm still not owning up to half of the stuff I've written for them. Maybe some day.

I am also not linking to the fic that has been posted to the memes under my name, but that isn't finished yet (like, for example, the McCoy/Chapel regency fic that I desperately need to finish), because this will be reposted at some point, once done. Also unlisted, various comment ficlets and small responses that I didn't repost to the journal. One day I will hunt them down, but not today.

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I've spent half a day creating a website/fic archive, for backup (in case LJ explodes one day) and for easy access, especially to all those series of stories that suddenly appeared to be around 15000 words...

It's here, and for now has all my fics in English that I still admit to having written. I'll add the Polish fics at some point, but now I'm just too tired :D.

(If you see any issues with the page, sth doesn't work for you or whatnot, please let me know :)).
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There will probably still be one more fic this year, but then I'll just edit the post ;D.

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Final Worcount:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
60,049 / 50,000

Fic Masterlist:

Some Mornings Are Stranger Than Others
Night Visit
Ever Since
Here Inside
Could Have Been Worse
Inside Out part two
Work Hazards
Test Drive
Solid Ground (link to tag, 8 parts)
Common Ground (link to tag, unfinished as of now)


Thank you, everyone.

Everyone who read the fics, commented, and made my day with every single comment. Everyone who hadn't read the fics, but commented on the word count posts and cheered me on. Everyone on GG, who asked how it was going, or mentioned the word count, or just cheered me on. Everyone who requested, prompted, inspired.

Everyone who wrote Bruce/Gordon fics as I was writing these, you were a source of inspiration and joy. And sometime jealousy ;D. Especially, to [ profile] destinyawakened and [ profile] gaudy_night, whose Bruce/Gordon NaNo projects were an additional source of motivation.

And, last but definitely not the least, to [ profile] kubis, for kicking my butt to write, write, write. She watched the word count, poked me, prompted me, sometimes glared at me, and without her, I wouldn't have written half of this. And to [ profile] juana_a, who cheered me on, and seemed to like everything I wrote, and you have no idea how much this helped.

I have to admit, starting this, I didn't think I would finish. And without all of you guys, I probably wouldn't.

And, of course, I'd like to thank the Academy, and...

See you next year.

And now I'll go and finish Common Ground :D. And maybe then I'll be able to finally watch some tv ;D
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(I decided to get back to this, to keep up with my cross-posted stuff. Written and done since May)


Guises, TDK, Bruce/Harvey, PG

Between: part one part two part three, TDK, Bruce/Harvey, PG

Night Lights, Gordon/Bruce, NC-17

Through The Holes In Your Veins, Gordon/Batman, NC-17

First Times, Gordon/Bruce, NC-17

Through The Hole In The Sky, Gordon/Bruce, NC-17


Przesłodzone, Buffy/Giles, PG

Impresja, Darla/Drusilla, NC-17

Trzy Najgorsze Apokalipsy, BtVS gen, PG

Apokryf, BtVS gen, PG-13

Danse Macabre, Giles, gen i kanoniczne pairingi, PG-13


icons and walls for [ profile] summer_of_giles, Giles/Buffy, Giles/Faith, Giles/Fred

Giles icons for [ profile] summer_of_giles

csi:ny and dr horrible icons

multifandom icon post
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April marked my return to graphics (as I've got back my Photoshop, thank gods). It also had an decrease in fics as from last months, but definitely an increase in writing in Polish... Polish fic will be tranlasted at some point, into English. (Well, apart from the Spuffy one, because it's based on plays on words and I'm not that good ;D)

English fic

One of those epiphany thingies, Buffy/Giles

The Benefits of the Tropical Virus #298, Giles/Xander

Polish fic

Rytm, Buffy/Spike

Nawet Jeśli Cię kocham, Giles/Jenny

Narzeczona Szejka, i inne powody do uprawiania seksu, Giles/Anya

Piosenka o Końcu Świata Giles/Faith, Giles/Buffy, Faith/Buffy

Między okładkami, Wesley/Angel(us)

Zamykam oczy (i cały świat umiera) Fred/Wesley

Zasady (są po to by je łamać?) Giles/Faith


Wallpapers Giles/Fred, Giles/Faith, Giles/Fred/Faith.

AtS and BtVS icons mostly my OT4, Giles, Wesley, Faith, Fred, but also some random Spuffy and whatnot.

shareable interest icons, part 1, BtVS, AtS, BSG, CSI:NY and others.
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This is becoming a tradition. Mostly, because it keeps me motivated to write :D


Using the Library Computers, Rules of, BtVS, gen (or slight Giles/Xander), post-Chosen, no comics

Burn the bridges as you cross them, BtVS, Giles, Giles/Faith, post-Chosen, could be comics canon compliant

Feels Like Home, BtVS, Buffy/Giles, for Every Slayer Needs a Watcher ficathon.

Awkward, Good Omens, Crowley, Aziraphale.

Now I know how Joan of Arc felt, AtS, BtVS, Lilah, Giles, Lilah/Wesley.

Lines in the sand, AtS, Illyria, Wesley, (Fred), Illyria/Wesley, Fred/Wesley.

The May/December thing, BtVS, Giles/Dawn, post-Chosen, written for [ profile] hetfic_minis Giles' round.

Rough Draft, BtVS, Giles/Ethan.

It's not stalking, if you happen to be in the same bar, BtVS, Giles/Ethan

Singularity, AtS, Cordelia/Gunn/Wesley, for Cordelia round at [ profile] hetfic_minis


Spal za sobą wszystkie mosty, BtVS, Giles, Giles/Faith, Polish version of 'Burn the bridges as you cross them'.

Niezręczna sytuacja, Dobry Omen, Crowley, Aziraphale. Polish version of 'Awkward'.

Now I know how Joan of Arc felt polish version. AtS, BtVS, Lilah, Giles, Lilah/Wesley.

Linie na piasku, AtS, Illyria, Wesley, (Fred), Illyria/Wesley, Fred/Wesley. Polish version of 'Lines in the sand'.

Brudnopis, BtVS, Giles/Ethan, Polish version of 'Rough Draft'.

To nie obsesja, jeśli przypadkiem jesteście w tym samym barze. BtVS, Giles/Ethan, Polish version of 'It's not stalking if you happen to be in the same bar'
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I'm getting more prolific each month, that's good. I've also entered the uncharted waters of writing in Polish...


Patterns, CSI:NY, Sheldon Hawkes, Sheldon/OFC. Written for [ profile] choc_fic.

Chinese Whispers, BtVS, Giles, Giles/Faith, wishverse AU.

After the Ever After, Discworld, Susan/Ella. Written for [ profile] choc_fic. With footnotes.

Love Will Leave You Bruised, BtVS, Buffy/Faith, wishverse. Written for [ profile] femslash_minis.

Stuck With You for a While, AtS/FFly, Simon/Wesley. Written for [ profile] maleslashminis.

A Story of Shoes and Cookies, BtVS, Buffy/Giles implied, post-Chosen. Written for [ profile] hetfic_minis


Gluchy Telefon, BtVS, Giles, Giles/Faith, wishverse. Polska wersja 'Chinese Whispers'.

Zasady Korzystania z Komputerow w Bibliotece, BtVS, Xander, Giles, post-Chosen.
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As I vowed to write more this year, I intend to keep up the monthly round-up of fics. And hey, four fics in a month? Much better than usual.

A Place in Time. Firefly/AtS, Mal/Wesley.

Uncharted. AtS, Faith/Illyria

Pulse, BtVS, Giles/Faith

Time and Place, AtS/Firefly, Fred/Inara


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