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I am clearly writing my MA thesis. You can tell because of this.

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Various stuff, some slash (Kirk/McCoy), some femslash (Gaila/Uhura), some genderbend (girl!Kirk/McCoy and girl!McCoy/Kirk), some het with a dash of new casting (Pike/Number One, McCoy/Chapel), some gen (Janice Rand)... (It's amazing, the stuff you can try and do with one good shot of Uhura's uniform...)

I also steal casting ideas from all over the place. Number One is Jennifer Garner, ever since I saw [ profile] taraljc icon, girl!Kirk is Katee Sackhoff because of [ profile] medie, I'm prettu sure I've seen the rest of the casting somewhere on my flist or something...

I'll crosspost tomorrow, today I'm beat. (If you have any sort of idea where one might post this, let me know ;D).

Also, feel free to do whatever with these; use the manips in your own stuff, edit, add text, play, whatever. Open source ;). Just link me the result so I can squee over it? :D

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Finally went off the deep end. But I have a cold and therefore meds, and photoshop.

Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne Regency AU wallpaper and icons.


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Dec. 17th, 2008 02:07 am
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Natalie Portman, Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, random


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I was going to write today, but it doesn't work. So, Photoshop, so, graphics :)
Want, take, have.
Edit if you like.
Credit is nice.

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Fic: Theory of Relativity, by the wonderful [ profile] kleenexcow
Art: under the cut.
Pairings: Matt/Mohinder, Molly/Micah
Featuring Felicia Day as Molly.

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icons! :)

Aug. 12th, 2008 11:41 am
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12 Angel
18 Amy Acker on Alias
6 Leverage
5 Pride and Prejudice (1995)
6 Anne of Green Gables
6 Battlestar Galactica

here@[ profile] ithinksoyes
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33 CSI:NY 4x01
33 Dr. Horrible.

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Gave in, and done what I wanted to do for a long while, and created a community for mine, and [ profile] cala_jane's graphics and icons.

For now, most of my old stuff is there (it might be old, but it's still pretty), and so is Cala's (I've spent the entire day reposting both mine and her entries, which clearly meant I had to hack into her account, but it was fun ;D)

Go, check out, watch if you want (I'll still be mentioning here whenever I post something, though).

[ profile] ithinksoyes [ profile] ithinksoyes [ profile] ithinksoyes

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Check my graphics post here.

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from the trailer and the preview.


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April marked my return to graphics (as I've got back my Photoshop, thank gods). It also had an decrease in fics as from last months, but definitely an increase in writing in Polish... Polish fic will be tranlasted at some point, into English. (Well, apart from the Spuffy one, because it's based on plays on words and I'm not that good ;D)

English fic

One of those epiphany thingies, Buffy/Giles

The Benefits of the Tropical Virus #298, Giles/Xander

Polish fic

Rytm, Buffy/Spike

Nawet Jeśli Cię kocham, Giles/Jenny

Narzeczona Szejka, i inne powody do uprawiania seksu, Giles/Anya

Piosenka o Końcu Świata Giles/Faith, Giles/Buffy, Faith/Buffy

Między okładkami, Wesley/Angel(us)

Zamykam oczy (i cały świat umiera) Fred/Wesley

Zasady (są po to by je łamać?) Giles/Faith


Wallpapers Giles/Fred, Giles/Faith, Giles/Fred/Faith.

AtS and BtVS icons mostly my OT4, Giles, Wesley, Faith, Fred, but also some random Spuffy and whatnot.

shareable interest icons, part 1, BtVS, AtS, BSG, CSI:NY and others.
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38 AtS and BtVS icons.
Want, take, have.
Credit is nice, comments are divine.


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I thought you guys might be interested in what was mostly me amusing myself with photoshop.

Faith in the blue ballgown in the second picture was manniped by the magnificent [ profile] cala_jane. Rest, made by me.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

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G/X made for [ profile] gilesxander October Fest.
Want, take, have. Feel free to crop to your liking for banners and/or icons. If you want to add text, feel free, just let me know.

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Today's squee:

1. Wrote a fic. Stranger things

2. Posted [ profile] summer_of_giles Giles' graphics for my day here. (July 2nd will be my fic day for [ profile] summer_of_giles)

3. Watched new Doctor Who. holy crap )

4. My Mom is made of awesome. Seriously, I might have not known this before, because as every teenager ever I thought my Mom was lame and embarassing as parents ought to be, but recently I am rethinking the entire thing.


Mr A. is outside, minding the dog. His cellphone rings and he gets distracted. Dog uses the distraction to hightail it back to the house where it's less than 40 C degree. Mom is playing with the dog when Mr A. rushes in.
Mr A.: Has anybody seen the dog?
Mom: No.
Mr A.: Because he's not outside!
Mom: You lost my dog?
Mr A.: OH GOD! *rushes outside, calling for the dog*
Noelia: But the dog is here.
Mom: Shh. It's so fun when he panics.

Big kerfuffle in Polish media about gay rights and our homophobic president and the idea that gay teachers shouldn't be allowed to work with children because they can 'promote homosexual agenda'.
Same day, coincidentally, Noelia puts up posters of Sam and Dean from SPN.
Mom: But you know, you shouldn't have posters with two men on them!
Noelia: Whatever. And by the way, they are brothers.
Mom: *looks at the posters for a long time* Riiiiight

Another big kerfuffle in Polish media about a politician who decided Teletubbies promote homosexual agenda because Tinky Winky has a girl!purse OMG.
Mom: Do you know where I can buy some stickers with Tinky Winky?
Noelia: *confused, because this is surreal, even for my mom* Why?
Mom: Because I want to support this poor repressed Teletubby.
Noelia: ...

Noelia: So, when I'll be in UK, there's this big convention thingy where you can get autographs of famous people, and some of the cast of Heroes will be there and...
Mom: OH! Get me a picture of that cute psycho killer, would you?
Noelia: ...okay...
Mom: I know he eats brains, but there's something about him...
Noelia: ...

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I've just spent four hours doing basically two wallpapers.
But I kinda like them. And I usually don't like my fanart...

The first one, Jerusalem, is of Amy Acker, where every pic is a manip...

Free Image Hosting at

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This one I wanted to do for quite a while...
Giles and Fred in Da Vinci Code.

Free Image Hosting at

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And a WIP of another graphic: Free Image Hosting at

These are now posted only here, I'm waiting till I have more graphics (and since my muse is on drugs, it shall be soon), to post in on the Pleiades journal.
Any concrit is welcome. Snagging is encouraged :)
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Soooo... Noelia apparently had a drawing talent... for, like, five minutes.
Seriously, few days ago I picked up a pencil and started to draw pictures (more like, copy pictures from photos, but it's still drawing if you look at a photo and try to draw what is on it, right?)
And it didn't turn out so bad...
Today I showed them to [ profile] cala_jane and she generously took them to scan them. So, here they are.

So, what do you think?

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

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