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* I am close to being done with school. All the exams and final projects are done, the post-grad in Audiovisual Translation is over with, and all that's left at UJ is my MA thesis defense. I'm super-nervous about this one, but also kind of happy about it. And sad that this is the end.

* Wednesday is my last day at work. Kids are off for holidays already, my adult groups finish on Wednesday.

* I'm starting a course in French on Thursday. Three hours of learning French every day for the whole of July. Because I fail at holidays that are actual, you know, holidays.

* Generation Kill fandom. I don't know how one fandom can be so awesome, but it is. There's no bad fics. No, really. Everything is scary good. I'm reading the same fics over and over again and they just don't get old.

* American Idiot Original Broadway Cast. Stark Sands, how so awesome? Cast, how so fantastic? It's the first cd that survived more than a week in my car and I'm not tired of it yet. 21 Guns OMG.

* Watching Generation Kill. Still. And again.

* True Blood. Watching True Blood goes like this: boring. boring. boring. ERIC! ERIC ILU! boring. ewww. shut up, Bill. boring. boring. ewwww. boring. ERIC! DON'T GO ERIC! boring. boring. PAM! ILU PAM! boring. ...did they just? huh. well. hbo. (ERIC!)

* Leverage is back.

* I have a pile of shiny books that I have been accumulating for ages and didn't have time to read due to: school, work, and school. Soon it will be reading orgy tiem.

* [ profile] cala_jane and I are almost ready to take over the world. We're just that awesome.

* Generation Kill fic writing. Awesome.
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This has been long time in the making, and it's going to be pretty long itself.

I have been intrigued with vids since the beginning of my fandom existence. I made some (they were mediocre) and I watched a lot, and I have fallen in love with the medium, just as I have fallen in love with fanfics. Vids, like any other form of fandom expression, can be shippy or thinky or awesome or cute or beautiful or heartbreaking. Sometimes they can be all of those things at once.

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This has been long time in the making, and it's going to be pretty long itself.

I have been intrigued with vids since the beginning of my fandom existence. I made some (they were mediocre) and I watched a lot, and I have fallen in love with the medium, just as I have fallen in love with fanfics. Vids, like any other form of fandom expression, can be shippy or thinky or awesome or cute or beautiful or heartbreaking. Sometimes they can be all of those things at once.

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So, it's the International Blogging Against Racism Week.

And I should have thinky thoughts and wise words, but I really don't, so instead I'm going to post a list of the most awesome Women of Color from tv, movies, and books.

Leading ladies and background characters, of the newest summer blockbusters and old favourite tv shows. In no particular order (or rather, the order I uploaded the pics to photobucket ;)).

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the only working internet connection in this town.

1. Venice was as fun and beautiful as I remember, and this time, didn't stink so much. As souvenirs, bought Merlin season one and Life season one. And Pathfinder. It has shirtless Karl Urban on the cover, what's a girl to do?

2. I might be plotting another story in the groundverse. Wasn't going to, it just happened. And it might have a wedding, and it might have Dick Grayson, and generally, I'm screwed, cuz it's shaping up to be *massive*.

3. I might or may not be writing a Kirk/McCoy story based on Princess Protection Program, in which Spock is a super special agent and Kirk is a princess. IDEK, okay? Blame [ profile] juana_a, as I do.

4. Nelly, I know I owe you a porn battle response, and it's almost done, but I can't porn and angst while there's so much sunshine, it lifts my spirits, damn it.

5. FINISHED (re)watching Star Trek TOS. moving on to the movies, and then TNG, I'm so excited yay.

6. Congrats to Pelle, on account of rocking and academic achievement.

7. Cody, have fun, and don't get killed, or something. I don't worry about the capture and slavery so much, because any captors would demand a refund. I say this with love ;D

8. Miss you guys. I'll catch up on the posts once I'm back (you are helluva prolific, did you know that?)

9. Out of battery, gotta go.
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Things I need to be doing:

1. Studying.

Things I don't need to be doing:

1. [ profile] ontd_startrek.

2. [ profile] st_xi_kink meme (FOURTH post omg).

3. Writing a Merlin/Arthur modern AU based on one of Lindsay Lohan's movies. Guess which one, I dare you (Arthur is a perfect Captain Fine, FYI, and Morgana has had enough of this shit. Uther doesn't do much, and I need to quit my cold medicine before it's too late. Oh, wait.)
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1. I'm getting kind of dizzy and sort of cross-eyed from studying too much (ie, at all). I love my studies, and I actually like exams (yeah, I know), but there comes a moment when too much Drama (English and American, at the moment, from Shakespeare to Pinter) hurts my brain.

2. In between studying; still rewatching Star Trek TOS. After a season you stop looking at the hilariously bad costumes and effects, and start noticing the amazing awesomeness. And counting how often Kirk's shirt gets ripped open.

3. Rediscovering the joys of public transport. (Car still being fixed, should get my baby back next Thursday.) One of the drivers on my route curiously resembles Bradley James.

4. Watching Big Bang Theory makes you hungry for Chinese. Unfortunately, there's no place in my general vaccinity (and by this, I probably mean the entire freakin' country) that has decent food *and* delivers.

5. Star Trek reboot kidfic. Too much? I mean, I thought that Batman kidfic was a bad idea, and it turned out fine (I think), so...

6. On the other hand, IDEK, kidfic? When did I start to like writing kidfics?

7. One more day of this fucked up weather and I'll be very pissed. I have so many pretty summer dresses for this season, but I won't wear them until I'm sure I won't be drenched sometime during the day. I mean, what's with the rainfalls from the clear sky?


Dec. 8th, 2008 02:35 pm
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1. You know, I really don't set out to ship Anthony Stewart Head's characters with whatever girl he plays a father figure to. it just sort of happens )

2. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I currently fancy the pants off Christian Bale. Huh. maybe writing all those fics about Bruce Wayne had something to do with that )

3. I might have started reading Superman/Batman fics. Because I need a third Batman pairing after Bruce/Gordon and Bruce/Tony Stark. Shipping Barbara Gordon with both Batman and Robin is also not helping )

4. I am also spending way too much time making up casting for the next possible Batman movie, and other possible DC and Marvel ventures. and say what you want, Emily Blunt would make a fantastic Batgirl )

5. Have anyone noticed that The Bold and The Beautiful (or whatever it is really called in English, I might have screwed up the articles) has new credits? When the hell did that happen? And do they keep the Ridge guy in the fridge, or something? Because he looks exactly like he did ten years ago when I actually watched a few eps.
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1. A certain tv show about a certain doctor made my pairing kind of canon three weeks after I decided I don't ship them anymore. Typical.

2. Long weekend ahead, I'm greatly excited.

3. I can't wait to go to the shooting range again.

4. New Dollhouse Promo. Squeee.

5. Dog is being nice and quiet and trails after me whenever I go, and when I set down with my laptop, he lies without a fuss at the end of the bed. Strange.

6. We have trees planted in the garden!

7. Merlin is one of the most fun series I've seen in a while. And I might just be shipping Uther/Morgana. Is it very wrong of me, or just typical?


Oct. 7th, 2008 07:37 pm
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1. Almost back to normal after the weekend marathon of studies. Ten hours of classes a day is not something I'm likely to want to repeat any time soon (though I will, in February, when the second unit starts). It was kind of awesome, even though for the first time in my academic career I felt really lost and stupid (It was a course of Managing HR in Education, and apart from me and three other girls, all people were DOSes and headmasters and so on...). I liked it, though, and I apparently made an impression, as two of those people offered me jobs. Which I can't take as it collides with my current job(s), but hey, still counts.

2. Speaking of, got two more groups at work. Including eight-years-olds. Possibly yay, we'll see.

3. MA in English Lit starts this weekend. I already know two of my professors from the BA programme, and they are fantastic, so I'm really excited about it.

4. I think I'll do sequel to 'First Times' (Gordon/Bruce, duh) as my NaNoWriMo project... by then I should be done with 'Into Morning', as it is outlined and planned by now, all I need to do is write it. Probably not daily updates this time, considering I have to work and study, but I'll try and be swift. :D

5. Since when do I outline fics, anyway? Well, since I started writing Gordon/Bruce, apparently.

6. I might need a Gordon/Bruce layout. I'm very sorry, Giles, I still love you, but...

7. Dog ate our tv remote control. By this point, it's not even funny.

spoilers for Heroes, SPN, and House )
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1. Walked too much today, but I had to make a run to the Uni, with my papers, so I can take the MA entrance exam on Monday. My ankle hurts like hell now, and I still have to go to work today, because the kids' group starts their classes. Shoot me.

2. On the plus side, I'm researching Riddler for the First Times sequel, and having lots of fun with fitting him into the Nolanverse and into my plot.

3. New car, on the horizon. Mom wants to get me something that will last for two-three years, before I get a proper shiny new car. We're considering Volkswagen Beetle. Thoughts?

4. Friends' wedding this weekend. Not sure how I'll manage with my ankle, but I can't let my pretty pretty dress go to waste. Even if I have to wear flats. Oh, right, and it would be nice to be at the wedding ;D

5. Re-reading Night Watch. Vimes is made of so much awesome it's uncanny.

6. House made me cry. Gossip Girl made me laugh. 90210 made me... well, I still don't care. Off to watch Bones before work.
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Books read today: 2.

Buffy episodes watched with Mum: 5.

Walks with the dog: 3.

Clips of Whose Line Is It Anyway watched on Youtube: endless.

Phonecalls from my internet provider about whether it's working and can they do anything else for me: 3 (srsly? I've just called them once, it was back on in a day, and I was nice about it, really!)

Days till Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog: 4
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*showers flist with confetti*

Good things about 2007:
1. Went to Scotland, had a chance to do that mature thing and actually work for a living.
2. Found a good job here in Poland, one that's consistent with my studies, one that would look excellent on my resume, and one that I came to enjoy a lot. It's good
3. Got a dog, finally OMG. Who is silly and hyper about everything, and constantly annoying but, after all, dogs do take after they owners, don't they?
4. Got a little better in this writing thing.
5. Decided on my future studies, decided to go for MA in literature, and stay in Poland for studies (at least MA, we'll see about the PhD ;)).
6. Read a lot. Which isn't an accomplishemnt, maybe, but it does make me happy.

In 2008 I'm looking forward to:
1. Finishing my BA.
2. Going to England for summer, also to work, but this time maybe in something closer to my actual career (teaching summer courses in English, for example?)
3. Getting a car.
4. Being happy

In 2008 I vow to... *drumroll* ...write more fic! And actually finish it! And post it!
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Things that baffle me:

1. Reading Die Hard 4.0 slash. I know people will slash everything, but Die Hard slash? Really? And why is it so AWESOME?

2. Also reading, youletide fics. And discovering Polish translations SUCK. Which I knew before, BUT they apparently change names of the characters in Polish versions. Valancy and Barney of L.M.Montgomery's Blue Castle? They were Joanna and Edward for me. Faith Meredith? Unexplicably became Flora. Sure, the name of Faith doesn't exactly exist in Polish, but no one in their right mind would call their daughter Flora either. And it's not like James, Walter, Una, or Rilla are existing Polish names. PLEASE.
Confuse me more, I live for that.

3. Why is there so little Thoughtcrimes fic in this world? Someone needs to do something about it.

4. Why isn't there more CSI:NY Flack/Taylor fic? This is an awesome pairing, people.


Dec. 25th, 2007 04:02 pm
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Merry Christmas everyone! *hugs and tackles the whole flist*

Good stuff. Ocean of good stuff.

1. Yuletide. Even though I didn't participate (maybe next year...), there's so much squeeing going on on my flist, which means you guys are happy, and that makes me happy. And there's so much fic, too! That everyone can read! It's like... well, Christmas. :D

2. Almost, almost done with my [ profile] maleslashminis story. Well, the main one. Which means I will be able to post it on time, weeeee. I'm sitting here and shaking my head at the sheer crackiness of it, though, but it's a crackiness I enjoyed writing, therefore maybe it's not that bad. The other two stories should actually be finished before the extended deadline, so it's of the majorly good.

3. Watching Charmed. YES, it's bad at times, but it's a good, old-school, Prue/Andy, Piper/Leo beginnings bad. It's a lovely bad. And my, Piper. You are made of awesome. So are you, Andy.

4. Gifts! Got gifts! Books and books and books, *dances*. And, well, other things, too. But lots and lots of books. And chocolate praline bath bubbles and bath cream and chocolate toffee perfume... hee.

5. I ate so much cake I won't be able to move for days. Weeee.


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