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I just need to rant briefly, excuse me. It's not going to last long. Here goes.

I have two jobs, and yes, they both are afternoon and evening jobs, which means I can get up late. But I have to be hyper-aware at six pm, which is when I teach the kids groups, and so it can't be late in my day, it needs to be the middle of the day for me, so I can dance and jump and sing and enthuse about present perfect.

I study two different subjects (technically, three), have an MA in-progress and a bunch of projects I'm working on, including trying to figure out new software for editing dubbing and voice-over and subtitles and generally working with strange new things.

I am reading seven books at the moment, and all of them are for school or the MA. I am watching 32 tv series currently, and I'd like to point out that YES, tv shows were how I taught myself English, so it's not a weste of time. I am writing NaNoWriMo and averaging 2500 words a day or so. I had one free day this month, and my next free day will fall on the freakin' Christmas Eve. I have social life and I actually meet with people other than online, which had been my mother's pet complain for years now.

And I swear, if my mother calls me lazy one more time, and tells me that I basically do nothing for days, I'm going to scream.

I don't get angry often, but FUCK IT.


Jun. 11th, 2009 09:24 pm
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Mom: *watches the last episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles*
Mom: The ending puzzles me somehow, I hope they'll clear this up in the next episodes.
Noelia: Erm, didn't I tell you that the show's been cancelled?
Mom: Cancelled, that means no more episodes?
Noelia: Yes.
Mom: So, this was the last one?
Noelia: Yes.
Mom: ...
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I just had a long talk with Mom, about my studies and what I plan to do with them, the possibilites of studying abroad, the other studies I want to take next year, my theses, my work, my business plans and generally the direction in which I see my life heading...

...and we didn't end it with an argument.

I'm kind of huh? what just happened? about it now.

It's kind of nice, in a freaky bizarro way.
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Dear Internet,

Please never go away again.


GODS. No net since yesterday. I had to make my own entertainment. So sad.

In the good news, read a lot today, *and* watched Buffy with Mom. Mom well and truly hooked. She started with 'so, no net, if you really want to, you can watch Buffy on the big screen'. Which, in Mom-speak, translates to: 'I want to watch Buffy'.

So, we did, and after each episode, Mom, in a really disinterested voice, went 'so, still nothing good on tv, we could watch another episode?'. And so we watched ten episodes of s2 today (SERIOUSLY, TEN) and arrived at Innocence. And Mom is beyond hooked now, she just asked if Angel's gonna be back, and she really wants to know... awesomeness. I am so not spoiling her, she needs to watch.

She likes Willow the most. She was a Willow/Xander shipper, but now moved to Willow/Oz. Mostly, she loves Willow.

[ profile] pellamerethiel, yes, she still likes Angel. Shipping Angel/Buffy a bit, but hey.

She is greatly amused by Spike and Drusilla. She doesn't care all that much for Giles (so working on it, and she's warming up to him this season), but likes Giles/Jenny.

She demanded I buy the third season as soon as it comes out. I am holding back any comments of how she used to make fun of me for liking a show called 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. HA. I repeat, HA.

about the translation, for the amusement of the Polish part of my flist )
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My grandparents are devout practicing catholics. Me and my Mom are... not. Last time I've been in church and it wasn't for a wedding was four years ago, at friend's Confirmation, because it was important for her. My Mom? Only weddings and funerals and christenings.

Today my Mom wanted to do a chicken for dinner. It may seem random but I do have a point. Then she remembered what day it was, and changed her mind, and we got grilled potatoes (which I do actually prefer above chicken, but that's not the point). Today is Ash Wednesday, so Lent, right? And as Mom is not catholic, not even christian, should it matter? I mean, she doesn't feel guilty about not following the rules of other religions she is also *not* a follower of.

I think what really puzzles me is that she doesn't feel guilty about not going to the church. Nor about not going to the church on every Sunday. Not about not taking communion since... I can't say, long time. But she does feel guilty about the chicken, ergo, potatoes.

What do you guys think? Because I have no idea what to think.

In other news, A in the Psychology exam. I didn't even get any questions, we just chatted for half an hour (freaking out the other people who were waiting outside for their turn, as they were thinking the questions are so many and so harsh). And the prof told me I'm a joy to have in class. If you ever have any doubts, refer back to here: I. Am. Joy. So there.

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Scene: Me and Mom watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Mom: This is fairly silly, isn't it?
Me: I can change the channel.
Mom: No. I want to see how it ends.

The kid falls into the chocolate river.
Mom: This is fairly disgusting, isn't it?
Me: Uh-uh.
Mom: Do we have some christmas chocolate left? I want some.

Randomly. I have TiVoed the Michael Shanks Christmas movie where Daniel and Cadman make out, and the stupid thing cut off the last ten minutes or so. Argh.

ALSO. I have just deleted more than a half of an almost finished story that is due in few days, because I have been tackled by a stupid plot-changing bunny. *flails*

*flails more*
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Mom when drunk is kind of fun. And I'll do things for money. Does that make me a whore?

Mom: Go buy me more champagne.
Me: No.
Mom: Mooooreeee chaaaaaampagne.
Me: I am not helping you get stinking drunk.
Mom: I gave birth to you! It was painful! Go buy me chaaaaaampagne!
Me: Anaesthetics don't work 22 years later.
Mom: I'll give you money.
Me: I have money. Not helping you get drunk.
Mom: If you go buy me chaaaaaampagne, I'll give you... 200 more pounds for when you go to Scotland.
Me: Want some strawberries with that?

Mom: *trying to call the dog (whose name is, btw, Beckett)* Bre... Bet... Beret!
Me: His name is Beckett.
Mom: 100 pounds says I can call him Beretta.
Me: Oh, look, pretty Beretta.

Mom: Why are Heroes in jail?
Me: That's Prison Break, mom.
Mom: Oh! Why am I not watching this? They are preeeetty.

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Today's squee:

1. Wrote a fic. Stranger things

2. Posted [ profile] summer_of_giles Giles' graphics for my day here. (July 2nd will be my fic day for [ profile] summer_of_giles)

3. Watched new Doctor Who. holy crap )

4. My Mom is made of awesome. Seriously, I might have not known this before, because as every teenager ever I thought my Mom was lame and embarassing as parents ought to be, but recently I am rethinking the entire thing.


Mr A. is outside, minding the dog. His cellphone rings and he gets distracted. Dog uses the distraction to hightail it back to the house where it's less than 40 C degree. Mom is playing with the dog when Mr A. rushes in.
Mr A.: Has anybody seen the dog?
Mom: No.
Mr A.: Because he's not outside!
Mom: You lost my dog?
Mr A.: OH GOD! *rushes outside, calling for the dog*
Noelia: But the dog is here.
Mom: Shh. It's so fun when he panics.

Big kerfuffle in Polish media about gay rights and our homophobic president and the idea that gay teachers shouldn't be allowed to work with children because they can 'promote homosexual agenda'.
Same day, coincidentally, Noelia puts up posters of Sam and Dean from SPN.
Mom: But you know, you shouldn't have posters with two men on them!
Noelia: Whatever. And by the way, they are brothers.
Mom: *looks at the posters for a long time* Riiiiight

Another big kerfuffle in Polish media about a politician who decided Teletubbies promote homosexual agenda because Tinky Winky has a girl!purse OMG.
Mom: Do you know where I can buy some stickers with Tinky Winky?
Noelia: *confused, because this is surreal, even for my mom* Why?
Mom: Because I want to support this poor repressed Teletubby.
Noelia: ...

Noelia: So, when I'll be in UK, there's this big convention thingy where you can get autographs of famous people, and some of the cast of Heroes will be there and...
Mom: OH! Get me a picture of that cute psycho killer, would you?
Noelia: ...okay...
Mom: I know he eats brains, but there's something about him...
Noelia: ...

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My net was down for the day, because my provider apparently decided they don't love me anymore (but the guys in the helpline do, since we now have a very close relationship after me calling them up seven times in an hour...).
When it was back up, my Mom took over, and if you ever have a depression I really recommend watching my mother trying to fight pop-ups... *click* *click* *click* DIE YOU FUCKER! *clickclickclick*
Awesome stuff.

Mom being awesome, part 2.
Yesterday, Poland-Croatia football game? We watched it, me and mom together. Yeah, weird, but hey, weirder things happened... probably.
Ten minutes into the game:
Me: Which goal-keeper is ours?
Mom: The yellow one.
Me: Okay. *pause* Then why are we trying to shoot at his gate-thingy?
Mom: We're not. They are.
Me: No, we are.
Mom: No, they are. See, the blue ones are trying to get the ball in, the yellow one is trying to save it.
Me: Mom, we are the blue ones!
Mom: No way! We are the white and red ones!
Me: No, they are! See, the blue ones have Polish names on their backs!
Mom: *pause* Who are we playing with, anyway?

Also, a highlight of the day?
Grandpa called. He rarely calls, usually my Grandma does. And this may be the reason why...

Grandpa: So... *pause* How are you?
Me: So great! It's negative!
Grandpa: *long pause, then, carefully* What?
Me: Pregnancy test, of course.
Grandpa: Is your mother there?

I swear, it's too easy. I know I shouldn't, I know, but I was caffeinated and just finished watching King Baby ep of CSI, can you blame me?

And on the topic of CSI. Am I the only one who thinks they are really lucky all the crime scenes are in really clean houses? I mean, if I was ever killed in my room? They wouldn't find anything. Or rather, they would find a lot of shit, but no useful out-of-place purple fibres on spot clean white carpet. Instead, they would find many different fibers, paper-clips, little paper bits, random nail... I mean, seriously, when I watch the show I have this need to clean up my room so they can find my killer... it passes in about five seconds, so that's good, though.

And randomnly, I wonder what happened to all My Little Ponies I used to have. Did I give them away? Probably, yeah, but maybe they are in one of the boxes in the basement... *ponders*
I know I gave the movies away, which was stupid, cuz now I kinda want to watch the one with the muddy thing filling up the valley... it was kind of fun...
On the related note, if you hadn't read My Little Ethereal/Occult Beings by [ profile] lovelyzelda (a My Little Pony/Good Omens crossover) then you've never read the ultimate crack. I dare you not to laugh once while reading it. Come on, try :D


Aug. 23rd, 2005 10:45 pm
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I know it's like umpty-umpth update today, but I had to share this.

Picture this. Noelia sits in her room, reads fanfics in peace and listens to her dearest iPod when suddenly there is a bloodcurling scream, evil laugh and 'Serves you right, Mothefucker!' coming from the other room.

You see. My Mom watches Football. (Soccer, for those of you who happen to be Americans, which means most of you and I should have just say soccer at the beginning but I will call it football, damn it.)

It continues. I had no idea my Mom knew such words. Really. She goes from a totally normal 'Holy Mother of God!' to words I use only when I write really naughty, filthy, sick porn. Which means in every second fic, but that's beyond the point, because I write them in English and That's Okay Because It's Called Language Freedom (my prof told us that when speaking foreign language we are more likely to swear or/and voice controverial opinions. But whatever).

Things she wants Our Players to do to the Other Players are... well... technically impossible, methinks. And I should know, because I do read fanfics and everything I've learned about life comes from there. And texts on buttons I buy to attach to my bag.

She begins to scare me.

And next time she tells me I'm insane because I yell at the small people on screen to finally get the fuck over it and fuck each other (especially when it's like, Jack and Daniel, or other two guys...) I'll... well, shut up, obviously. Because she's freakin' scary, that is.

Yet, hope remains.

We are related. I will be freaking out my own kids someday.

If I ever decide to have kids, which is unlikely, because that 'educational movie' entitled 'the Miracle of Life coughbullshitcough' they shown us in high school scared me for life and traumatised to the bone and I'll never, ever, have kids.
It took me like, two years, to stop being freaked out by sex after that.

Yeah. That would be all.


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