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Due to the recent phase of the migration caused by LJ's crashtimes... This entry was originally posted on Dreamwidth. If you can see it, everything's working fine.

I am on dreamwidth here.

Also, invite codes. I have 14, if you want them, let me know.

In other news, I'm not dead. Just crazy busy.
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Could I trouble someone for buying the SFX vampire special for me? I could send you money for the magazine and the postage through paypal.

(If you'd happen to be of the GK fandom, I also offer a ficlet of your prompting as a thank you :))
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This vid makes me so amazingly happy. Even the bad movies seem awesome. <3

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Unfortunately ;)

But yeah, figured that this journal hadn't seen an update on the elusive thing called Real Life in a long time.

1. Work. As in, back to.

Classes are slowly starting, students coming back. I have mostly the same groups I had last year: the middle schoolers, the older kids (11-13 year olds), and my favourite group, a bunch of ladies over 60 who are just beyond awesome.

Yesterday I started with a new group, 5 and 6 year olds, and they're unbelievably fun and really, really tiring. Expect some stories when I get to know them better.

(Just one now.
Me: What's your favourite colour?
Ania: Duck.
Me: That's not a colour.
Ania: *disgruntled* Says you.)

2. School. As in, can't live without.

So, got my MA in English Lit and figured well, what do you do with an MA in English?

Apparently, try out for the MA programme in American Studies. Took the exam and got in, and now I'm back to full-time studies. How I'll manage with my job I have NO IDEA but the list of electives is awesome and I already signed up for the History of Women in the US and Canada, and for the American Approach to Warfare and other awesome stuff. Will keep you posted on that.

3. Everything else. As in, I should have some social life but I don't.

See: no time. (There's a party this Saturday, though. So there's that.)
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Defended my thesis today. Went well. Have an MA degree now. I can finally do fuckall. (And write more GK fic). Life is good.

(In other news, porn battle (and Kubis) made me write GK college AU. It's here. And here. And here. And here. Yes, it's four bits so far and going strong.)
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I need to stop thinking up Generation Kill AUs. (Which would probably mean that I need to stop talking to [ profile] kubis, but that's probably not happening.

Groundhog Day AU, y/y?

(And Kubis needs to write that NCIS AU. Just saying.)
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* I am close to being done with school. All the exams and final projects are done, the post-grad in Audiovisual Translation is over with, and all that's left at UJ is my MA thesis defense. I'm super-nervous about this one, but also kind of happy about it. And sad that this is the end.

* Wednesday is my last day at work. Kids are off for holidays already, my adult groups finish on Wednesday.

* I'm starting a course in French on Thursday. Three hours of learning French every day for the whole of July. Because I fail at holidays that are actual, you know, holidays.

* Generation Kill fandom. I don't know how one fandom can be so awesome, but it is. There's no bad fics. No, really. Everything is scary good. I'm reading the same fics over and over again and they just don't get old.

* American Idiot Original Broadway Cast. Stark Sands, how so awesome? Cast, how so fantastic? It's the first cd that survived more than a week in my car and I'm not tired of it yet. 21 Guns OMG.

* Watching Generation Kill. Still. And again.

* True Blood. Watching True Blood goes like this: boring. boring. boring. ERIC! ERIC ILU! boring. ewww. shut up, Bill. boring. boring. ewwww. boring. ERIC! DON'T GO ERIC! boring. boring. PAM! ILU PAM! boring. ...did they just? huh. well. hbo. (ERIC!)

* Leverage is back.

* I have a pile of shiny books that I have been accumulating for ages and didn't have time to read due to: school, work, and school. Soon it will be reading orgy tiem.

* [ profile] cala_jane and I are almost ready to take over the world. We're just that awesome.

* Generation Kill fic writing. Awesome.
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Name your 10 or 15 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms.

1. Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne (Batman - Nolanverse)
2. Buffy Summers/Rupert Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
3. Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy (Star Trek - Reboot)
4. Winifred Burkle/Wesley Wyndham Pryce (Angel)
5. Brad Colbert/Nate Fick (Generation Kill)
6. Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey/Elizabeth Burke (White Collar)
7. Arthur/Morgana/Merlin/Gwen (Merlin)
8. Seeley Booth/Temperance Brennan (Bones)
9. Stella Bonasera/Mac Taylor/Don Flack (CSI:NY)
10. Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin (Chuck)
11. Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop (Fringe)
12. Wedge Antilles/Tycho Clechu (Star Wars EU)
13. Sam Seaborn/Josh Lyman (West Wing)
14. Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill (Stargate SG-1)
15. Wendy Watson/Lacey Thornfield (Middleman)

Come on, do your worst ;D
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List 10 of your fandoms and let your f-list tell you which character of each fandom are you most like:

1. Merlin
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. Angel
4. Star Trek (all incarnations)
5. Generation Kill
6. The Big Bang Theory
7. Bones
8. The Vampire Diaries
9. Leverage
10. Criminal Minds
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If/When you have kids, in what order are you going to have them watch Star Wars? If you already have a kid, what order did they watch in?

[Poll #1562842]
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1. Choose 10 books that you like.
2. Write down the first sentence of each of those books.
3. Let other people try to figure out the titles.
4. Cross off books as they are guessed, let us know the correct answers and who guessed them.

Read more... )
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Never check flist on the Oscar day if you prefer to go unspoiled. *throws fists in the air*

I did think to skip twitter in the morning, but I put too much faith in spoiler cuts, apparently.

*is grumpy and bitchy before her first coffee*
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There are probably a few dozen books like that. From 'Pride and Prejudice' to 'American Gods', from non-fiction and 'The World is Flat' to chick-lit and sweet as candy novels of Meg Cabot (she won my heart when Mia had a Fiesta!Giles action figure, how can you resist that?).

But the books that always surprise me with something new? Anything by Terry Pratchett. They're always new, because there's always a new level to them whenever I reread - it's because as I get older, I get more references, and I discover new things and I understand more of the books. Not all, but more.

The most startling example, probably, would be 'Wyrd Sisters'. The first times I've read it, years ago, I didn't even get the title. I've read it in Polish, sure, so the 'wyrd' concept and wordplay was lost on me, but I didn't read much into the Macbeth reference, simply because I was a kid who never read Macbeth. Easy to assume about ninety percent of the references inside went way over my head.

I reread it later, and I got things. I got the Shakespeare stuff and I got a hundred of different little things, the quotes, the three-witches thing, the playwrighting little things...

I reread it later again, after attending a Shakespeare seminar and well, if I thought I got all the jokes and references before? Heh.

And it's like this with every novel. There's no way to find all the references and in-jokes and borrowings and puns and, well, everything, but the best part about Pratchett? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all, because you're having fun on the basic narrative level even without those.

(It's more fun the second time, though, and even more fun the third. When I got the Schroedinger cat joke in Lords and Ladies? Priceless moment of laugh-out-loud. Deciphering the titles once I actually read the Soul Music in English? Amazing fun. Finding the Terminator stuff in Night Watch? Woah.)

So, yeah, best books ever.
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Noelia loves her job

Kid 1: Miss, you know, when I grow up, I want to be just like you. Only, you know, normal.
Noelia: ...

Kid 2: Shiny vampires are stupid.
Noelia: YES!
Kid 2: Although, I assume, useful as a nightlight.
Kid 3: Doesn't work like that, they shine only in the sun.
Kid 2: *thinks about it* Shiny vampires are more stupid than I thought.

Kid 3: *has places to be right after class* Miss, can I make the time go faster?
Noelia: Not without a time-turner, no.
Kid 3: And what if I was a Jedi, could I make the time go faster then?
Noelia: Well, you could probably move the clock's arms with your telekinesis. Or make me think it's time to end the class with your Jedi Mind Trick. But actually speeding up time, no, I don't think so.
Kid 3: And what if there was a lot of Jedis. Could their powers accumulate and could they make the time go faster?
Noelia: Don't think so, but I can consult the wookiepedia for you.
Kid 3: Thank you, Miss. And would you like to end the class early to do so now?
Noelia: No, I would not.
Kid 3: Meh.

Noelia loves her studies

Noelia goes to have her grade from the previous exam in the History of the English Language written as her grade from this year (it's a fun thing you can do at Polish Universities if you had taken a course before that you're supposed to take now).
Prof: Oh, I think I remember you from classes. You actually looked intelligent.
Noelia: ...thank you?
Prof: But why were you attending classes if you had already have the grade from this course?
Noelia: I like classes.
Prof: Yes, I thought you looked intelligent...
Noelia: ...

Classes in translation, subtitles edition.
Noelia: *reads out her work in her composed, calm, classroom-appropriate voice. her work consists mostly of all the polish equivalents of the words you can't say on tv, because we're working on translating the swear words*
Prof B: Well done.
Noelia: *musing* You know, it feels quite liberating to say things like that in an academic setting and not only be penalised for it but lauded for the work.
Prof B: LOL.

two weeks later:
Classes in translation, dubbing edition.
Class: *working on 'Angry Kid' which has quite a few swear words on it*
Prof K: And would miss Joanna like to read it out loud? I've heard she likes to swear.
Noelia: ....srsly. That's the staff room's opinion on me, apparently.

In conclusion: lol.
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So, I survived the internet-less weekend. I am slightly less addicted than I thought I was, as I didn't get any rash, and didn't hallucinate, or whatnot. I am, however, really happy that I'm back.

First, I got a package! From [ profile] jane_potter, a box full of candy canes. Apparently, the polish post office sucks and can't make a christmas delivery in time for christmas, but I don't care that much because CANDY CANES. <33333 Jane, thank you so much! *dances*

Also, things I've learned while working on my MA thesis over the weekend.

1. Noelia couldn't stick to her estimated wordcount to save her life. 6000 words into the chapter on Morgan le Fay she finally gets to what she wanted to write about. Oh, well.

2. This is going to be one long thesis.

3. Thinking up an Arthur/Merlin ice skaters AU is not a productive use of my time.

4. Is there an Arthur/Merlin ice skaters AU somewhere aleady?

5. Watching Merlin fanvids is a productive use of my time, actually.

6. When I talk about my thesis, I start with hand gestures. And I bounce. And I flail. And, just sometimes, I randomly exclaim 'Morgana For The Motherfucking WIN'. My thesis defence is going to be something else, I can tell now.
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1. I'm gonna be offline for a few days, I'm going to Grandparents' house, because they're going to a wedding for the weekend and someone needs to look after Great-grandma.

2. How awesome was Leverage finale?

3. Leverage-related. I have this idea for a crossover in which Bruce Wayne needs to take some time off (cuz, dunno, BANE?) and calls Eliot Spencer to take over for a while. Because they met in that Chinese Prison, or whatever (yes, it is related to the stolen monkey plotline. They looked after the monkey together, you see). And Eliot comes to Gotham and becomes Batman for a few months and fights crime. It's the true story of what Eliot did between s1 and s2 of Leverage. Also in the fic: Alfred facepalms a lot and Jim Gordon is confused.

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If you & I woke up in jail together...using only FOUR words...what would you say to me?

I'm not a stickler to the FOUR words rule, however. Say whatever you want.

(Appropriate icon is appropriate)


Jan. 27th, 2010 04:03 pm
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I have chosen to switch to the simple LJ view for all my post pages. If you visit my journal, you see the layout, but if you go directly to an entry, all you will see is the basic LJ view.

I'm trying it out for now, mostly due to the fact that I post more and more fic now, and I know some people prefer to read off a simple page, not a customised layout one, especially one with a tiny font like some of my layouts.

Let me know if you like it like that, or would you prefer the old layout view?


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