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New school year has started, and I do have new students, and they are all awesome (I'll get back to you if this opinion changes, but for now, coming back to work is FUN.)

New group, all girls, last year of Junior High, preparing for the final test (srs bsns.)

N: How old are you, Miss?
Noelia: Well.
K (with whom I had classes last year): I know, I know!
Noelia: Oh?
K: But I'm clearly not telling, for I value my life.
Noelia: Well done.

A: Are we going to have tests?
Noelia: Of course not, I'm going to evaluate you on the merit of how good your hair looks.
A: Really?
Noelia: *facepalm*
K: Miss does that thing she thinks is funny when it's not.
Noelia: It's called sarcasm, you'll learn to appreciate it with time.
N: I thought we were learning English.
Noelia: I weep for future generations.

Old group, kids, but with some new students.

Noelia: A, if you don't stop interrupting me, I'm going to do something drastic.
E: Miss always says that. She never really does anything.
A: She threw a paper plane at me last year.
E: Yes, but she threatened to stab you with a pencil, I don't think it's the same thing.
Noelia: They forbid me to kill students in the first week, it's tragic.
New kids: ...
E: Miss says that a lot. She always lies.
Noelia: I lie a lot. Unless it's about English or tests. I'm dead serious about this.
E: And about people not touching her crayons without permission.

E: *surveys my drawing on the board suspiciously* Is that Batman?
Noelia: No. Not everything I do is about Batman.
E: *still looks suspicious*
Noelia: I'm also into Star Trek, very much recently.
E: *thoughtfully* There's that one that has ears like Batman.
Noelia: ... yes. He does.

I'm very proud of those kids, really. Happy to be back, too.
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I'm slightly out of whack today, because my new cold meds interfer funnily with my other new meds, and my head is fuzzy and everything is a bit wooly. It's a wonder I can write in English (well, actually, it isn't, I tried writing in Polish today and didn't remember the spelling of half of the words, but I'm completely fine in English. Because my head is weird that way.)

Anyways, what I've been thinking of lately are clothes. )
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I bought this skirt and these boots today. (Skirt is much shorter on me than it looks like in the picture; being 6' tall has its consequences).

I feel very good about that but I probably won't when I see my credit card statement. Oh, well.

In other news, I'm back to work sometime next week (probably around Wednesday/Thursday). Gods, finally, I need money.
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1. I'm getting kind of dizzy and sort of cross-eyed from studying too much (ie, at all). I love my studies, and I actually like exams (yeah, I know), but there comes a moment when too much Drama (English and American, at the moment, from Shakespeare to Pinter) hurts my brain.

2. In between studying; still rewatching Star Trek TOS. After a season you stop looking at the hilariously bad costumes and effects, and start noticing the amazing awesomeness. And counting how often Kirk's shirt gets ripped open.

3. Rediscovering the joys of public transport. (Car still being fixed, should get my baby back next Thursday.) One of the drivers on my route curiously resembles Bradley James.

4. Watching Big Bang Theory makes you hungry for Chinese. Unfortunately, there's no place in my general vaccinity (and by this, I probably mean the entire freakin' country) that has decent food *and* delivers.

5. Star Trek reboot kidfic. Too much? I mean, I thought that Batman kidfic was a bad idea, and it turned out fine (I think), so...

6. On the other hand, IDEK, kidfic? When did I start to like writing kidfics?

7. One more day of this fucked up weather and I'll be very pissed. I have so many pretty summer dresses for this season, but I won't wear them until I'm sure I won't be drenched sometime during the day. I mean, what's with the rainfalls from the clear sky?
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So, Practical English mock exam from two weeks ago went well, apparently. 100% well. I'm the only person in my year who managed that. I am gleeful and extremely disliked by my fellow students, which is a very good thing to be.

Exchange of the Week:
Noelia: *talks for fifteen minutes about Star Trek reboot, with digressions on TOS, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and, possibly, sandwiches*
P: Hey, I'm beginning to think you're a geek.
Noelia: ... Your skills of deduction astound me.
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We're playing Taboo (a vocabulary game where you have to describe a given word without using some other words, like explain 'cinema' but not say 'movie, film, popcorn, watch').
Kid 1: Uther.
(I am actually certain he said 'other', but it did sound like 'Uther' and we had been watching Merlin with this group)
Kid 2: Queen!
Noelia: He kind of is. And a fabulous one at that.

Kid 3: I bought batteries, and they gave me a free Batman tattoo. I thought you might like it, Miss.
Noelia: Oh, thank you. You don't want it?
Kid 3: Nah, I mean, I'm too old for this crap.
Noelia: ...

Noelia: *writing examples of the second conditional sentences on the board* If I were you, I would do what captain Kirk says.
Kid 1: Kirk? Like in Star Wars?
Noelia: NO. LIKE IN STAR TREK. Have I taught you nothing? Han Solo is in Star Wars, Kirk is in Star Trek. Do I have to write a chart?
Kid 1: Will that be on the test?
Kid 4: Aren't we supposed to study English?
Noelia: Probably, but I can't have you leave this class without knowing the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, for heaven's sake.

Noelia: I need to leave the classroom for a moment. Please work on the exercise, and don't make too much noise, and I won't have to kill you.
Kid 2: *thoughtfully* I think Miss is kidding about the killing.
Noelia: No, I'm not.
Kid 2: Oh. Really?
Noelia: No.
Kid 2: Just when I think I know when Miss is joking...
Kid 5: You never can tell when Miss is joking. Her humour is different than our humour.
Noelia: It's called sarcasm, just look it up.
Kid 2: Can I please get the dictionary, Miss?
Noelia: ...


Oct. 7th, 2008 07:37 pm
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1. Almost back to normal after the weekend marathon of studies. Ten hours of classes a day is not something I'm likely to want to repeat any time soon (though I will, in February, when the second unit starts). It was kind of awesome, even though for the first time in my academic career I felt really lost and stupid (It was a course of Managing HR in Education, and apart from me and three other girls, all people were DOSes and headmasters and so on...). I liked it, though, and I apparently made an impression, as two of those people offered me jobs. Which I can't take as it collides with my current job(s), but hey, still counts.

2. Speaking of, got two more groups at work. Including eight-years-olds. Possibly yay, we'll see.

3. MA in English Lit starts this weekend. I already know two of my professors from the BA programme, and they are fantastic, so I'm really excited about it.

4. I think I'll do sequel to 'First Times' (Gordon/Bruce, duh) as my NaNoWriMo project... by then I should be done with 'Into Morning', as it is outlined and planned by now, all I need to do is write it. Probably not daily updates this time, considering I have to work and study, but I'll try and be swift. :D

5. Since when do I outline fics, anyway? Well, since I started writing Gordon/Bruce, apparently.

6. I might need a Gordon/Bruce layout. I'm very sorry, Giles, I still love you, but...

7. Dog ate our tv remote control. By this point, it's not even funny.

spoilers for Heroes, SPN, and House )
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1. Walked too much today, but I had to make a run to the Uni, with my papers, so I can take the MA entrance exam on Monday. My ankle hurts like hell now, and I still have to go to work today, because the kids' group starts their classes. Shoot me.

2. On the plus side, I'm researching Riddler for the First Times sequel, and having lots of fun with fitting him into the Nolanverse and into my plot.

3. New car, on the horizon. Mom wants to get me something that will last for two-three years, before I get a proper shiny new car. We're considering Volkswagen Beetle. Thoughts?

4. Friends' wedding this weekend. Not sure how I'll manage with my ankle, but I can't let my pretty pretty dress go to waste. Even if I have to wear flats. Oh, right, and it would be nice to be at the wedding ;D

5. Re-reading Night Watch. Vimes is made of so much awesome it's uncanny.

6. House made me cry. Gossip Girl made me laugh. 90210 made me... well, I still don't care. Off to watch Bones before work.
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Ennui. Stuff to be done, errands to be run, and generally, the daily madness is back with vengeance.
And so, I choose to concentrate on positives.

1. Started new series of a Gordon/Bruce kind. It has bypassed obsession and heading straight for the insanity, but it brings me joy and really awesome dreams, so there's no reason for complaints (unless you have no interest in it whatsoever, and I'm spamming your flist with it daily. Sorry?)

2. I have new shoes. They are a cross between hooker shoes and schoolgirl shoes, which pleases me to no end. And, even though the heels are much higher than my usual kind, they are sturdy and stable which means I don't fall every three steps, which is An Improvement.

3. As the day has been chilly, I put on my new blue sweater, and gods, do my boobs look awesome in it, or what? (100% of builders agree, and I'm inclined to accept their professional opinion.)

4. Posted graphics for [ profile] heroes_bigboom, and they are pretty (at least I think so, don't harsh my mellow if you disagree). Also, go read the story that they were made for, as it is Made of Awesome.

5. I am making seventeenth cardboard clock today. About fifteen more to go. That is not a positive, but I just wanted to say that, in case you need to know what to blame when I get escorted to a padded cell. If that occurs, my books and dvds go to... you know what? Fight it out among yourselves. First person to kill someone with a spork, wins.
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time for a bit of Real Life News. (I will return to spamming you with Gordon/Bruce very promptly.)

Interview went well, I am apparently Very Qualified. And Generally Awesome, clearly. (I was right that learning languages was The Way To Go, Mom, See? Ha.) I have time till Monday to decide if I want the job. It pays about 20% better than my previous (current?) job, so I'm clearly tempted, even though Teaching Small Children Scares Me Shitless (I'm okay once they're able to read. Before that, they're strange little mutants).

Thank you all who kept their fingers crossed, and thank you for all the good vibes and wishes :). Love you, guys.

Also, drunk coffee today, and It Was Not A Good Idea. Who knew that my doctor was right?

Picked up Breaking Dawn from the bookstore, so once I finish new Night Lights chapter, I'm off to try and break my brain with that.
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1. If I'm not a Catholic (or a Christian), shouldn't it relieve me of duties of cleaning for Easter? *sighs*

2. LJ boycott thing. I probably won't be posting/commenting/anythinging on Friday, mostly because I won't have time, so I might as well call it a boycott. Yes, yes, democracy and all the fighting folk frown at me. I got used to it.

3. Would it be okay if I murdered my almost-step brother?

He has a New Matura exam in less than two months. For those of you who are blissfully oblivious of the Polish high school finals system (I try to be, but they keep dragging me in), he is supposed to prepare a presentation for the Polish exam on a topic of his choosing, that is like a mini-thesis, complete with presenting and defending it.

Where is he with that? Oh, right around 'Joanna, could you help me choose the books for it?' meaning 'do most of my work for me'.

And I'll probably do it, too. Because I am a nice person and/or a doormat.

4. In other news, flist, Joss news! Dollhouse, and Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, and new Angel After the Fall comics, and I could be more excited only if... there was Giles in all three, or something.

Which leads me to: Dollhouse. What are you wishes? Dreams? Predictions? Would it have father issues? Tied-up people? Be all about power?

Let's get this party going, this is the best news since ever, isn't it? So, flist, discuss. (Feel free to spoil me, too, if you have any info on cast/plot/whatever).
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No update, long time... *sigh* And they said you have time during holidays. They lied.

Was looking for a job. Found one. Starting tomorrow. A little bit of wee (money!) a little bit of bleh (uhm, the work part? *L*) but again, money.

Oh, I almost forgot. Happy Independence Day to Americans on my flist! *sets foreworks for the sheer hell of it*.

*hugs you all tight*

Also. Why no one told me 'Desperate Housewives' is so fcuking good? I'm totally in love with it and my puter can't download fast enough...

Also no2. Have you noticed my recent posts all consists of reporting that I don't have time for posting? *L*

Real Life's a bitch. And it's out to get me.

*hugs you all again and goes to sleep*

tomorrow waking up at 6. Ugh.


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