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Unfortunately ;)

But yeah, figured that this journal hadn't seen an update on the elusive thing called Real Life in a long time.

1. Work. As in, back to.

Classes are slowly starting, students coming back. I have mostly the same groups I had last year: the middle schoolers, the older kids (11-13 year olds), and my favourite group, a bunch of ladies over 60 who are just beyond awesome.

Yesterday I started with a new group, 5 and 6 year olds, and they're unbelievably fun and really, really tiring. Expect some stories when I get to know them better.

(Just one now.
Me: What's your favourite colour?
Ania: Duck.
Me: That's not a colour.
Ania: *disgruntled* Says you.)

2. School. As in, can't live without.

So, got my MA in English Lit and figured well, what do you do with an MA in English?

Apparently, try out for the MA programme in American Studies. Took the exam and got in, and now I'm back to full-time studies. How I'll manage with my job I have NO IDEA but the list of electives is awesome and I already signed up for the History of Women in the US and Canada, and for the American Approach to Warfare and other awesome stuff. Will keep you posted on that.

3. Everything else. As in, I should have some social life but I don't.

See: no time. (There's a party this Saturday, though. So there's that.)
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* I am close to being done with school. All the exams and final projects are done, the post-grad in Audiovisual Translation is over with, and all that's left at UJ is my MA thesis defense. I'm super-nervous about this one, but also kind of happy about it. And sad that this is the end.

* Wednesday is my last day at work. Kids are off for holidays already, my adult groups finish on Wednesday.

* I'm starting a course in French on Thursday. Three hours of learning French every day for the whole of July. Because I fail at holidays that are actual, you know, holidays.

* Generation Kill fandom. I don't know how one fandom can be so awesome, but it is. There's no bad fics. No, really. Everything is scary good. I'm reading the same fics over and over again and they just don't get old.

* American Idiot Original Broadway Cast. Stark Sands, how so awesome? Cast, how so fantastic? It's the first cd that survived more than a week in my car and I'm not tired of it yet. 21 Guns OMG.

* Watching Generation Kill. Still. And again.

* True Blood. Watching True Blood goes like this: boring. boring. boring. ERIC! ERIC ILU! boring. ewww. shut up, Bill. boring. boring. ewwww. boring. ERIC! DON'T GO ERIC! boring. boring. PAM! ILU PAM! boring. ...did they just? huh. well. hbo. (ERIC!)

* Leverage is back.

* I have a pile of shiny books that I have been accumulating for ages and didn't have time to read due to: school, work, and school. Soon it will be reading orgy tiem.

* [ profile] cala_jane and I are almost ready to take over the world. We're just that awesome.

* Generation Kill fic writing. Awesome.
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I got into the postgrad programme I wanted. Now I will not have a single free day till August. I'm surprisingly happy about this, but it may be that I'm high on chocolate I just had.

The classes start next week, but the classes for the MA English Lit (my last year, I'm both excited and sad) start this week. My class schedule sucks and blows but that will not stop me from being excited.

Work is hectic, like every time the new school year starts, but I love the kids I have this year, they're an entertaining bunch.

I'm behind on a lot, especially flist and fics and tv, but I'll make up for it as things begin to slow down. Which may be next year.

Love you, flist <3
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1. I'm getting kind of dizzy and sort of cross-eyed from studying too much (ie, at all). I love my studies, and I actually like exams (yeah, I know), but there comes a moment when too much Drama (English and American, at the moment, from Shakespeare to Pinter) hurts my brain.

2. In between studying; still rewatching Star Trek TOS. After a season you stop looking at the hilariously bad costumes and effects, and start noticing the amazing awesomeness. And counting how often Kirk's shirt gets ripped open.

3. Rediscovering the joys of public transport. (Car still being fixed, should get my baby back next Thursday.) One of the drivers on my route curiously resembles Bradley James.

4. Watching Big Bang Theory makes you hungry for Chinese. Unfortunately, there's no place in my general vaccinity (and by this, I probably mean the entire freakin' country) that has decent food *and* delivers.

5. Star Trek reboot kidfic. Too much? I mean, I thought that Batman kidfic was a bad idea, and it turned out fine (I think), so...

6. On the other hand, IDEK, kidfic? When did I start to like writing kidfics?

7. One more day of this fucked up weather and I'll be very pissed. I have so many pretty summer dresses for this season, but I won't wear them until I'm sure I won't be drenched sometime during the day. I mean, what's with the rainfalls from the clear sky?
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Got back the results from the last week's test. It was a normal, fun vocabulary test, not complicated at all. The only question I did get wrong was the one where they asked what a galleon is.

Well, I know it's a ship, of course, and that's what I should have written. But I wrote that it's a form of currency.

So, the only point I lost was for confusing reality with Harry Potter verse.

I am made of equal amounts of win and fail, clearly.
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I've just remembered I was going to post these...

squee )
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Thank you all for the good luck wishes yesterday, they helped greatly :)

Thesis defense: 5 (which is the Polish equivalent of an A)
Final grade, which is an average of thesis defense exam, all exams for the last three years, grades from teaching practice, grade for the thesis, and grades for Practical English: 5.0

NO, SERIOUSLY, I apparently got 5.0 average.

I will go away now. And squee happily in the corner. *hugs all*
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No, I'm not panicked, why do you ask?

I am quite sure that the cold feeling in my stomach is just some alien gestating. That would be preferable, in fact.
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Subjects signed off: 4/8
Final exams: 3/5
Final projects finished: 4/4
Thesis status: DONE. Tomorrow will take it to the place where they will bind it and put a nice cover on it.
Days left till the Zero Hour: 13
Teaching Practice: what is teaching practice? DONE forever, kthxbye.

The Skills exam today (consisting of Reading and Use of English) was incredibly easy. Or deceptively easy. But I finished an hour before the end, and with a certainty that I did well.

Day after tomorrow, literature. To which I should go and revise. Or, well, xerocopy my notes for the rest of the group and go through them highlighting the stuff we actually did in classes, and which isn't my additional studies for the MA entrance exam. Because I am a nice person. Sigh.

Tomorrow, Speaking. To which I refuse to study, because, please. I'll ace it.
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Yup. Noelia has a new baby. It's so pretty and cute and all white-blueish and Noelia was raised on Windows and she can't do shit on Macs, but hey. Tic-Tac-Toe game is awesome. And Photobooth. And I have no idea how the rest of it works, hee.

I'm going to call it McKay. Because.

Any advice? Programs I *should* have and where to find them? I figured out how to play avi files and am sooo proud of myself, but could use any help, really.

In other news, school continues to be time-consuming. Seriously, between studies, homework, driving lessons, tutoring and language course I signed up for (English. For Proficiency level. Yes. I still study English Philology. Shut up, I like English classes and don't care if people think I'm insane). That's mostly why I'm beeing absent-y from lj.

stuff to do (because seriously, I'll forget)
1. Write tie-ins for stories we discussed on Practical English, send them to Ramon.
2. Write the article on plagiarism for Academic Writing.
3. Start doing exercises from the phonetics book, 'cuz otherwise I'd be again stuck with it at the end of the semester.
4. Find a school for Teacher's Practice.
5. Group Exercise for TEFL: YL.
6. Phonetics presentation for Wednesday: plan, research, prepare, vocabulary, summary.
7. Read Henry Howard's poems for Literature. Xerocopy the materials for the rest of the group (why do I always get stuck with those? Ah, right. The professor likes me and I'm apparently trustworthy. Yay.)
8. Figure out how the hell the text editor on Mac works.
9. Figure out when I can fit in some sleep time.

Sounds like a plan.
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Dear flist, ignore this one. These are my notes for History of English exam that I want to share with other people from my group, and LJ is quite accessible and easy to update, duh.
So, ignore this. (well, unless you are *really* interested, then whatever. And I know some people on my flist are indeed studying English Philology, or are going to, so, if you find this helpful in some way, even better)

borrowings )

historical outline )

processes )

If you have anything to add, please, do so in comments.
And good luck :D
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Still one exam to go, but I don't have classes, so all is well, and I'm done with everything else and I got the results of the TEFL final and guess what? 96%! Heeeee. And also, the only A in the group.
I so rock the world.

Also, Mom left for France yesterday. And believe me, it shows. She cleaned out the entire house (apart from my room, she didn't dare) and it's spotless and, like, sterile, and all weird. And she bought things. Fridge looks as if it had food for a year. She bought two bottles of shampoo, possibly in case of me starving, then at least I could eat shampoo. She stacked the cupboard in cookies. She even bought SUGAR, so she must be really sad to leave me.
(for those of you not in the know: we're in the constatnt state of war over Sugar. Can't remember how it started, but... the rule in our house is that when you notice we're out of sth, you buy it. and it works for everything, from tea to toilet paper. But not in case of Sugar. We're constantly trying to get the other person to buy Sugar. I took to pocketing little packages of Sugar from coffee shops and stacking in them, so I still have Sugar when it's technically gone... It's a war, really).

tv shows general babble - spoilers to VM, Gilmore Girls and possibly Supernatural )

Man. I feel like cleaning my room. It doesn't match the rest of the house. Argh.


Jan. 18th, 2006 07:16 pm
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I'm still alive. And still buried under stuff. I hate the last weeks of semester with vengeance.
School sucks.
I'll be back to actually doing stuff (artbattles, I know, sorry, Jill and Cala. I just suck.) and commenting on your entries and actually posting and so on... after next week. Well, around the beginning of February, I suppose, because then I have my exams and then I have three weeks break, weeeeeeeee.
And Mom is going to France at that time so I have break and house to myself.
Anyone visits Poland at the time? I'm totally inviting you over :]

Oh. Wanted to ask, because you guys proabbly know better than I do.
*Last names of Kennedy, Vi and Rona. Were they ever mentioned?
*How does canon stand on what Xander does post-Chosen? I have sth about Africa stuck in my mind, but that could be fics.
*What do we know about Giles' place in England? He has a house, or sth? Where did he live during s6?
*Dates check: s7 ended in 2003, right? And Buffy, Willow and Xander where around 22 by the time? And Dawn was what, 16?
*Did Robson (if I got the name right... *sigh*) survive the Bringers? He's still alive when the Bringer takes the swing at Giles, right?
*How old is Faith? I think there are no canon mentions, but what are your guesses?
*And a non-buffy related: what are the biggest New York daily papers? NY Times, obviously... what else?
And no, I'm not writing a fic. And it's not Giles/Xander for the ficathon. And it did not just go plotty on me.
All I wanted to write was a linguistic angst (no, seriously, I had all the fun linguistic trivia and stuff prepared...). And it went rom-com.
*heavy sigh*

Also, totally unrelated. Does anyone know the address of a webpage where all recent articles from almost all English magazines were listed? I can't even remember the name of the page... and google is being unhelpful.

Also again. BSG. HEEEEEE. Lost. I love Eko. Supernatural. Freakin' awesome show. Gilmore Girls. I wasn't so much in love with a character since Giles, seriously, major Luke!love.

Also numero something-something. I had enough of winter. Please stop now.

See ya guys *hugs*
*goes back to writing French essay, preparing Philosophy presentation and studying to Skills exam*

ETA OMG go and read this. I've just noticed it was posted for me over at [ profile] serenity_santa. Delayed, but OMG was it worth waiting.
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I'm easily amused.

For my TEFL course I need to prepare types of exercises I would give children for them to learn some topics in English. Right now we're doing tasks that help children memorize vocab connected to appearance *and* asking/answering questions.

So, this is the exercise. Each kid gets a card with a picture and two descriptions. The picture shows how *you* look. Descriptions tell you whom you are looking for (members of your 'family'). You ask other people questions on their appearance (which they know because they have their photos, just like you do) and they answer you. Only when you are *sure* someone is your kin you may introduce yourself.
Each member of the family has two people to find, and each person is searched for by two other people (A looks for B and C, B looks for C and D, C looks for D and E, D looks for E and A, and E looks for A and B). The task is to find your entire family this way.

I had to prepare a family of 7 people for that... So.
Kara looks for her cousin Sharon, and her uncle, Saul.
Sharon looks for her father Saul, and her uncle, William.
Saul looks for his brother, William, and his sister-in-law, Laura.
William looks for his wife, Laura, and his brother-in-law, Gaius.
Laura looks for her brother, Gaius, and her son, Lee.
Gaius looks for his nephew, Lee, and his niece, Kara.
Lee looks for his sister, Kara, and his cousin, Sharon.

And yes, I did use pics cut out from Dreamwatch and SFX, why do you ask?

Also. Have tomorrow the first observation class before my actual *teaching* classes. I'll let you know how it went :D


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