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Title: Not Nice and Probably Not Very Accurate
Fandom: Good Omens/SPN
Spoilers: To the book, to 5x06 of SPN
Characters: Aziraphale, Crowley, mention of SPN characters.
A/N: I just couldn't not write it...
Warnings: I'm easily amused. And there are footnotes. (Also, poking at the issue of consent)
Wordcount: 736.

when you get down to it, all the apocalypses seem the same )


May. 2nd, 2009 06:42 pm
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Last SPN episode seems to have proven definitely that spoilers kthxbye )
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Title: A storm in a broken tea cup.
Fandom: BtVS/SPN
Wordcount: 814
Characters: Giles, Castiel
Spoilers: some to BtVS season 7, none to SPN save for the existence of Castiel.
A/N: Written for Day One at [ profile] multifandom_pl 6th ficathon. Polish version here

there's no typical reaction to idiots in wrinkled coats announcing themselves to be Angels of the Lord )
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Title: Little Arrangement, or How To Manipulate A Winchester For The Greater Good Of All.
Fandom: SPN (slight Good Omens crossover in the tone)
Characters/Pairings: Ruby, Castiel. Sam/Ruby and Castiel/Dean implied.
A/N: This is crack. I am not very sorry, but I am slightly terrified. This might be the reason why I don't usually write SPN.

The Nice And Accurate Story Of An Angel And A Demon, By Miss Noelia )
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No, show, seriously. I love you, but you keep pissing me off, and you are offending me time and again. It might be the time to break up soon, if you don't improve.

On some level, this is a show written for me. Myths, urban legends, forgotten gods, tricksters, fairy tales... Add eye-candy, road trip, epic journey, stir well.

But then, more often than not, I feel wrong for watching. Because it keeps on getting more and more mysogynist with every episode.

Strong women are evil. Sexually active women are evil (or punished for it, or both). Good women are cast exclusively in typical female roles (mothers, waitresses, nurses, secretaries).

with spoilers to 3x12 )

I'm still lamenting the treatment Jo and Ellen got. Jo particulary, her great character development, her coming of age, was reduced to accepting that her role in life was to be set aside, to be dismissed.

And then comes the reveal in 3x12 )

This is the show that draws most of its audience from intelligent women. You think that watching it should not make me feel wrong, and ashamed.

If you read till here, just let me link you to Luminosity and Sisabet's 'Women's work' vid that says everything that I'm trying to say here, much better.
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Seriously, New York, you are the good boyfriend show. You make me laugh, you are fun and hot and occasionally very disturbing but always in the entertaining, cracktastic way. You drive fast cars, have sex against a wall, do tricks with roses and sometimes like to play Die Hard.

We have a good thing going, you and I. I fangirl you like crazy, and you don't pull any crazy stuff.

you don't do THIS - spoilers for Child's play )

And you, Supernatural. You know I love you. You're the most perfect show every - you give me something pretty every week, and you make me overexcited about lore, literary tropes, themes and mythology.

why this show is written just for me - spoilers for A Very Supernatural Christmas )

There apparently were some other shows this week, but I don't care. And I think me and the CSI Vegas will be breaking up, because I fail to care.
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I've promised myself that I'll do this someday, and today seems like a someday. So, here it is: my bookmarks, links, recs, resources and stuff... links gallore!
There will be few posts, mostly because there is a lot of stuff... This posts will be updated with recs as I find new fics.

I. Fanfiction part 1: BtVS, AtS, FFly, SPN, SGate, GG, SW )


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