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Defended my thesis today. Went well. Have an MA degree now. I can finally do fuckall. (And write more GK fic). Life is good.

(In other news, porn battle (and Kubis) made me write GK college AU. It's here. And here. And here. And here. Yes, it's four bits so far and going strong.)
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Noelia loves her job

Kid 1: Miss, you know, when I grow up, I want to be just like you. Only, you know, normal.
Noelia: ...

Kid 2: Shiny vampires are stupid.
Noelia: YES!
Kid 2: Although, I assume, useful as a nightlight.
Kid 3: Doesn't work like that, they shine only in the sun.
Kid 2: *thinks about it* Shiny vampires are more stupid than I thought.

Kid 3: *has places to be right after class* Miss, can I make the time go faster?
Noelia: Not without a time-turner, no.
Kid 3: And what if I was a Jedi, could I make the time go faster then?
Noelia: Well, you could probably move the clock's arms with your telekinesis. Or make me think it's time to end the class with your Jedi Mind Trick. But actually speeding up time, no, I don't think so.
Kid 3: And what if there was a lot of Jedis. Could their powers accumulate and could they make the time go faster?
Noelia: Don't think so, but I can consult the wookiepedia for you.
Kid 3: Thank you, Miss. And would you like to end the class early to do so now?
Noelia: No, I would not.
Kid 3: Meh.

Noelia loves her studies

Noelia goes to have her grade from the previous exam in the History of the English Language written as her grade from this year (it's a fun thing you can do at Polish Universities if you had taken a course before that you're supposed to take now).
Prof: Oh, I think I remember you from classes. You actually looked intelligent.
Noelia: ...thank you?
Prof: But why were you attending classes if you had already have the grade from this course?
Noelia: I like classes.
Prof: Yes, I thought you looked intelligent...
Noelia: ...

Classes in translation, subtitles edition.
Noelia: *reads out her work in her composed, calm, classroom-appropriate voice. her work consists mostly of all the polish equivalents of the words you can't say on tv, because we're working on translating the swear words*
Prof B: Well done.
Noelia: *musing* You know, it feels quite liberating to say things like that in an academic setting and not only be penalised for it but lauded for the work.
Prof B: LOL.

two weeks later:
Classes in translation, dubbing edition.
Class: *working on 'Angry Kid' which has quite a few swear words on it*
Prof K: And would miss Joanna like to read it out loud? I've heard she likes to swear.
Noelia: ....srsly. That's the staff room's opinion on me, apparently.

In conclusion: lol.
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So, I survived the internet-less weekend. I am slightly less addicted than I thought I was, as I didn't get any rash, and didn't hallucinate, or whatnot. I am, however, really happy that I'm back.

First, I got a package! From [ profile] jane_potter, a box full of candy canes. Apparently, the polish post office sucks and can't make a christmas delivery in time for christmas, but I don't care that much because CANDY CANES. <33333 Jane, thank you so much! *dances*

Also, things I've learned while working on my MA thesis over the weekend.

1. Noelia couldn't stick to her estimated wordcount to save her life. 6000 words into the chapter on Morgan le Fay she finally gets to what she wanted to write about. Oh, well.

2. This is going to be one long thesis.

3. Thinking up an Arthur/Merlin ice skaters AU is not a productive use of my time.

4. Is there an Arthur/Merlin ice skaters AU somewhere aleady?

5. Watching Merlin fanvids is a productive use of my time, actually.

6. When I talk about my thesis, I start with hand gestures. And I bounce. And I flail. And, just sometimes, I randomly exclaim 'Morgana For The Motherfucking WIN'. My thesis defence is going to be something else, I can tell now.
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I should be studying, and therefore I am procrastinating like hell. But studying cracks me up, since I'm just now reading up on what Beckett thought of dramatic conventions, and every five minutes or so, I turn to Beckett and ask 'so, what do you think?' and he just stares at me like I'm an idiot and tries to lick my face.

(No, I have not lost my mind, my dog's name is Beckett.)

Also, seen Terminator Salvation for the third time, and I'm telling you, every damn time I like the movie less. I went from liking it a lot to being meh to disliking large parts. I should stop at three, or I'll hate it, methinks. But Kate Brewster Connor is still awesome, and I'll challenge to a duel anyone who disagrees. No, really. The duel will be in Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, and I shall win, because apparently most of the people I know can't do the Vulcan greeting with their fingers.

Speaking of Star Trek (as I constantly am, these days), this I like more the more I see of it. Of course, I hadn't yet seen the entirety of TOS (but I'm getting there), but I just completed the movie collection (bought the one with the whales and the bus stops today). So, the moment I'm done with the exams, it's more than an ep a day, I'm going on a full Trek binge.

Apart from the English&American Drama exam, I also have the Practical English exam this week, but I don't worry all that much about this one. Contrary to what you may think reading this journal, I do speak passable English when I take a moment to worry about the grammar and stuff.

Also, for [ profile] rysiaczek's statistics: kurwa.
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1. I'm getting kind of dizzy and sort of cross-eyed from studying too much (ie, at all). I love my studies, and I actually like exams (yeah, I know), but there comes a moment when too much Drama (English and American, at the moment, from Shakespeare to Pinter) hurts my brain.

2. In between studying; still rewatching Star Trek TOS. After a season you stop looking at the hilariously bad costumes and effects, and start noticing the amazing awesomeness. And counting how often Kirk's shirt gets ripped open.

3. Rediscovering the joys of public transport. (Car still being fixed, should get my baby back next Thursday.) One of the drivers on my route curiously resembles Bradley James.

4. Watching Big Bang Theory makes you hungry for Chinese. Unfortunately, there's no place in my general vaccinity (and by this, I probably mean the entire freakin' country) that has decent food *and* delivers.

5. Star Trek reboot kidfic. Too much? I mean, I thought that Batman kidfic was a bad idea, and it turned out fine (I think), so...

6. On the other hand, IDEK, kidfic? When did I start to like writing kidfics?

7. One more day of this fucked up weather and I'll be very pissed. I have so many pretty summer dresses for this season, but I won't wear them until I'm sure I won't be drenched sometime during the day. I mean, what's with the rainfalls from the clear sky?
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So, Practical English mock exam from two weeks ago went well, apparently. 100% well. I'm the only person in my year who managed that. I am gleeful and extremely disliked by my fellow students, which is a very good thing to be.

Exchange of the Week:
Noelia: *talks for fifteen minutes about Star Trek reboot, with digressions on TOS, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and, possibly, sandwiches*
P: Hey, I'm beginning to think you're a geek.
Noelia: ... Your skills of deduction astound me.
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Dr W: So, the report on the article, for the next class. Any volunteers?
Noelia: *does a good first-movie!Hermione impression*
Dr W: Ah. Is this because the article has 'feminism' in the title?
Noelia: *nodnodnod*
Dr W: Sold, to the lady in the second row.
Noelia: *beams*

Dr W: Stabbing someone is pretty final, and, of course, with suffocating someone, there's no blood.
Noelia: Also, a pretty good way of making someone stop talking.
Everyone: ...
Noelia: So I've heard?

Everyone: *writes test*
Test: *is designed to fill up an hour and a half*
Noelia: *is writing two tests, because she wasn't present at the last one*
Noelia: *finishes after twenty minutes*
Dr C: Done already? With both?
Noelia: I'm efficient.
Voice-from-the-class: Yeah. Also, a robot.
Noelia: *beams*

Dr S: Are there any websites you check every day?
Noelia: *has no verbal brakes*
Noelia: Sure! My flist.
Dr S: What's a flist?
Noelia: *still has no verbal brakes*
Noelia: *explains*
Everyone: ...
Dr S: Interesting.
Noelia: *waves the remains of her reputation bye-bye*
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Prof: What do we need literature for? Why do we even write anything?
Noelia: Because it would be difficult to present a dirty talk daddy!kink slash through an interpretative dance?
Girl-from-my-class: I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't think I want to.
Noelia: trufax.

Prof: Of course, the issue with the time travel is that you must be careful not to change the future.
Noelia: I subscribe to the notion that any repercussions are already being felt. *pauses* Actually, the issue with the time travel is that Skynet agents time travel too.
Guy-from-my-class: And that you have to travel naked. Also an issue.
Noelia: Trufax.
Prof: ...what?

Girl-from-my-class: I kind of hated Heathcliff since the moment he killed a puppy.
Noelia: Team Doesn't Kill Puppies FTW!
Class: *awkward*
Noelia: It makes sense if you are reading [ profile] sarahtales's LJ. And are a dork.
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Thank you all for the good luck wishes yesterday, they helped greatly :)

Thesis defense: 5 (which is the Polish equivalent of an A)
Final grade, which is an average of thesis defense exam, all exams for the last three years, grades from teaching practice, grade for the thesis, and grades for Practical English: 5.0

NO, SERIOUSLY, I apparently got 5.0 average.

I will go away now. And squee happily in the corner. *hugs all*
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Subjects signed off: 4/8
Final exams: 3/5
Final projects finished: 4/4
Thesis status: DONE. Tomorrow will take it to the place where they will bind it and put a nice cover on it.
Days left till the Zero Hour: 13
Teaching Practice: what is teaching practice? DONE forever, kthxbye.

The Skills exam today (consisting of Reading and Use of English) was incredibly easy. Or deceptively easy. But I finished an hour before the end, and with a certainty that I did well.

Day after tomorrow, literature. To which I should go and revise. Or, well, xerocopy my notes for the rest of the group and go through them highlighting the stuff we actually did in classes, and which isn't my additional studies for the MA entrance exam. Because I am a nice person. Sigh.

Tomorrow, Speaking. To which I refuse to study, because, please. I'll ace it.
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If everything works out, I'll be doing MA in Language Education after getting my BA next year. The studies look awesome so far because a)they allow me to work during them, and b)they are divided to 6 units, and I don't have to take every unit here, I can take them in Bath, Brussel and/or Dusseldorf. And even if I take them here in Poland, I do get MA from the university in Bath.


Also, a poll.

re: [ profile] summer_of_giles, [ profile] maleslashminis and other fandom projects I have going on...

[Poll #996396]


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