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I'm finally seeing a point in watching the Dollhouse, the last two episodes were actually like a Joss Whedon show.

spoilers sleep in a box )

tl;dr: If you watched the first ep and found it lacking, try 1x06 and 1x07. It's almost like a different show.

Now, Sarah Connor Chronicles. Which continues to amaze me this season, and which I love like burning, because how many shows quote Virginia Woolf in the episode titles, and have kick-ass female characters with guns and emotions and mission and badassery? YES.

if this show gets cancelled, I shall go on a killing spree )
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Dollhouse Music Video, featuring Jonatha Brooks' 'What you don't know', which I think is the theme of the show. Contains lotsa spoilers, I suppose, lots of footage I hadn't seen before.

On the shallowest note of all, it has Tahmoh boxing. No Amy Acker, sadly, but in other news, I'm already shipping Echo/Boyd and that's almost sad but mostly really, really predictable.
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from the trailer and the preview.


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Echo and Paul scene

I hope someone caps this, and the promos... I need to make icons, srsly. :D
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Amy Acker.

On Dollhouse.

I might have just orgasmed a little.
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1. If I'm not a Catholic (or a Christian), shouldn't it relieve me of duties of cleaning for Easter? *sighs*

2. LJ boycott thing. I probably won't be posting/commenting/anythinging on Friday, mostly because I won't have time, so I might as well call it a boycott. Yes, yes, democracy and all the fighting folk frown at me. I got used to it.

3. Would it be okay if I murdered my almost-step brother?

He has a New Matura exam in less than two months. For those of you who are blissfully oblivious of the Polish high school finals system (I try to be, but they keep dragging me in), he is supposed to prepare a presentation for the Polish exam on a topic of his choosing, that is like a mini-thesis, complete with presenting and defending it.

Where is he with that? Oh, right around 'Joanna, could you help me choose the books for it?' meaning 'do most of my work for me'.

And I'll probably do it, too. Because I am a nice person and/or a doormat.

4. In other news, flist, Joss news! Dollhouse, and Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, and new Angel After the Fall comics, and I could be more excited only if... there was Giles in all three, or something.

Which leads me to: Dollhouse. What are you wishes? Dreams? Predictions? Would it have father issues? Tied-up people? Be all about power?

Let's get this party going, this is the best news since ever, isn't it? So, flist, discuss. (Feel free to spoil me, too, if you have any info on cast/plot/whatever).


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