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(so I can close the tabs ;))

Day One: Better. Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, college AU, prompts: resident advisor, ties

Day Two: The Pants Down Maneuver. Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, CIA AU, prompt: undercover

Day Three: Here Inside. Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, prompt: forgiveness

Day Four: Hiding. Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, prompt: tree house

I would write more if not for the damn finals. Two exams this Friday, meh. As it is, my plan is a ficlet a day. So far so good :)
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May 4th, so you know what that means: It's Star Wars day! *waves madly*

First fannish obsession of my life, and while I'm not involved in that fandom so much, and my interest in the novels and the comics and the series and the merchandise had diminished over time... I'm still a bit in love with that universe. And with the X-wing pilots, mostly. Because, yes.

Also, to celebrate: Have a link. Star Wars fans hate Star Wars. It's so very true. And yet, we love it, too.
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Yesterday was a Blogging Against Disablism Day. I do not have thinky thoughts or valid points, so I'm putting this up instead. Go check the main site, browse the blogs and posts.

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2009
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Dollhouse Music Video, featuring Jonatha Brooks' 'What you don't know', which I think is the theme of the show. Contains lotsa spoilers, I suppose, lots of footage I hadn't seen before.

On the shallowest note of all, it has Tahmoh boxing. No Amy Acker, sadly, but in other news, I'm already shipping Echo/Boyd and that's almost sad but mostly really, really predictable.
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First, Happy Birthday (late) to [ profile] soft_princess and (on time) to [ profile] cala_jane. *hugs both*

Tartan terrors - Bells. Just watch it. Brilliancy.

Am trying to get ahead on Christmas cards. Last year was fairly successful - I managed to send most of them. If you would like to get a card from Poland, leave me your name, address, and a pairing/character of choice for a little surprise.
Comments are screened.

*goes back to homework and preparing for classes*
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Neil Gaiman with a panda is quite possibly the most adorable thing EVER. Brain goes 'splodey. Too. Much. Cuteness.

How I Met Your Mother CSI style is also absolutely freakin' brilliant. Someone ought to make this show.

Anything made you laugh today? Link me to it. Spread the cheer :)

PS. I love Life on Mars. Love love LOVE.
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Instead of the usual "I'm bored and WHY IS THE RUM GONE?" post, you get the "I'm frakking bored and I HAVE THE INTERNETS WEEE" post. Be afraid.

[ profile] five_byfive Innovative BtVS/AtS icon challenge comm. Coolness.
[ profile] get_creative It's like flashfic, but with graphics.
[ profile] r_morrow_daily Rob Morrow. Polish TV is nice to us this summer, and we get Numb3rs and repeats of Northern Exposure. I might be becoming slightly obsessed.

Isolated Elements. Erm. Giles/Grissom fic. Let's leave it at that. (OMGAWESOME hee).

What's Special About This Number? This makes me sad that I'm not a math geek. Seriously.

X-Men: The Last Standing Ovation trailer Crack at it's best.

The Empire Brokeback Because there's never enough of that, right?

Darth Vader, the musical. Think I've linked to it before, but if you hadn't watched it, DO I NOW.
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1. YouTube proves amusing.
Giles/Xander:'the Wings' awesome thing :D
CSI: Captain Planet srsly rocks.
Alias: New agent best.thing.ever.

2. Bones kinda rocks. Why didn't I get into this show sooner? Oh, well, at least now I can watch all the eps in the row...
Curious thing: while I think DB is attractive, I never fancied Angel. He annoyed me, most of the time. But Booth? Squeeee, lots of squee.

3. Still can't get over SPN finale.

4. Out of curiosity... Alias. When do Vaughn and Syd kiss for the first time?

5. Did some spring cleaning of my icons. I have now 96 of my 108 userpics uploaded. Weee.

6. If Lee Adama and Wedge Antilles were dogfighting, Viper against X-wing, who would win?

7. If I was changing my layout, should I go with CSI:NY or Alias? (or maybe just Gary Sinise, Michael Vartan, Tony Head and Jensen Ackles?)
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I've promised myself that I'll do this someday, and today seems like a someday. So, here it is: my bookmarks, links, recs, resources and stuff... links gallore!
There will be few posts, mostly because there is a lot of stuff... This posts will be updated with recs as I find new fics.

I. Fanfiction part 1: BtVS, AtS, FFly, SPN, SGate, GG, SW )
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I'm bored out of my mind, and going through my bookmarks and memories (Yes! I've discovered now that I don't need to bookmark lj posts! I can memorize them! Well, I knew it before, but kept on bookmarking anyways... Oh, well.)

So. Linkage, for your enjoyment and amusement.

Science Fiction and Religion which made me chuckle. Daniel Jackson is teh new Jesus *nod*

Harry Potter vs. Star Wars Showdown!

On the Star Wars topic. RotS Breadbox Edition I love those.

And is there anyone on my flist who doesn't know [ profile] iharthdarth? Where have you been living, under a rock?

Duel of the Fates

[ profile] sdraevn's recaps of sg-1 are priceless.

[ profile] wisdomeagle wrote Library Science for my request at the [ profile] nevermet ficathon. I'm in love with this fic, seriously. I've red it five times by now and it's brilliant, beautiful, messed up in the fantastic way and it's Fred/Giles which is my new crack. Go. Read it. It's brilliant.

Science Fiction Double Feature by [ profile] doyle_sb4 Faith/Wesley/Illyria. Kind of older fic but still utterly fantastic.

Again with the [ profile] nevermet which is a crack. Dead Kings by [ profile] sage_theory is Giles/Illyria, very powerful, very smart, dark and beautifully written. I enjoyed it imensely.

Oh, and if anyone is interested, my fic for [ profile] nevermet was Click, Fred/Dawn. Had fun writing it. Special thanks to [ profile] bethynyc for giving me idea of sexual positions :] I mean, the gummy bears.

Joys of RPG I wanna cast a magic missile!

Vampire Game. My crack. It really, really sucks you in.

Colour Perception. I was totally stunned.

That would be all...

Well, no. I'm desperately looking for good Daniel/Vala fic. I want Daniel/Vala fic! Anyone knows any?


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