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This has been a long time coming, I've been casting and recasting these characters for years, ever since I've read the novels. This is by no means the ultimate version, and I'm sure I'll be changing my mind many times over, but for now, they are my cast, my dream cast. I want this series to be made into a tv show so much, I'd give up any other tv show, no matter how beloved, if this was to happen and happen well.

Rogue Squadron - the elite flight squadron of the Rebel Alliance, founded by Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles, commanded by both of them for some time. Fought the battles of Hoth and Endor, took part in every major Star Wars Expanded Universe battle. They define badass and eat the impossible for breakfast.

Wraith Squadron - a little bit of the Dirty Dozen, the misfits and the freaks, no less awesome for that. Quite insane, very deadly, incredibly efficient. The only squadron in history to have a puppet Ewok as one of its pilots.

If I had Rogue Squadron on my tail, I'd be running too, even in a Super Star Destroyer )
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So, it's the International Blogging Against Racism Week.

And I should have thinky thoughts and wise words, but I really don't, so instead I'm going to post a list of the most awesome Women of Color from tv, movies, and books.

Leading ladies and background characters, of the newest summer blockbusters and old favourite tv shows. In no particular order (or rather, the order I uploaded the pics to photobucket ;)).

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Bad day. Bad, bad, baaaad day. Mostly my fault. But I'm about to make it much, much better, with some help from Mr Karl Urban.

Karl Urban pic!spam. Dial-up heavy, I kid you not )
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As promised, pictures of the poll winners. (image heavy, cuz I went nuts)

Miss Lena Headey )
Mr Gary Oldman )
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I am extremely proud of you, flist, you chose just as I would have.

Winners of the hottest poll are Lena Headey and Gary Oldman!

Their picspam will be posted shortly, now let's hear it for the runner-ups, Katie McGrath and Anthony Stewart head (heeeee, Morgana/Uther OTP!)

the lovely Miss McGrath )

and the wonderful Mr Stewart Head )
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1. I picked 10 female and 10 male celebs I find attractive.
2. Everyday I'll make a poll and you'll have to vote for the TWO girls and TWO guys you find the least attractive.
3. With the daily poll I'll post the results with pretty pictures of the people who were eliminated.

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Self pic!spam! Because I'm bored. And doped up to eyeballs on aspirin.

more of the self-indulgence )
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No, really.

But he's under a cut (careful! pic!spam gallore ;)) )
Yeah, that would be all...
Some of this movies I *need* to get...
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Because I can.

graphic heavy. no, really. you know what 'pic!spam' means, right? )

Hokay. I think that's all for today.
Feel free to spread the ASH!love.

Hope you liked them :)


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