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up to Midway. We've been having quiet days as of late, and I hadn't watched anything after 'This Mortal Coil', so I've just watched seven eps in a row.

(you know I'm procrastinating HARD when I do stuff like this, but I'm in the final stage of revising my BA thesis (the theoretical part) and it hurts my brain. I was DONE with this text, and now I have to go through it again and again.)

Anyways. I've decided I'm not in love with this show anymore (I stared falling out of love in the s2, now it's... meh), but I still enjoy little things. 'Colonel. Colonels. Colonel. Colonels. Seriously?' And Teal'c, Heee.

Poll time!

[Poll #1143520]

In other news, Polish TV doesn't do the Oscars coverage on any of the public stations, or cable, or satellite stations that I get (and I do get lots). Which will make it the first Oscars night I won't be watching since 1997. WOE.
Shut up, I do love the Oscars.
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At The Hour When We Are Trembling by [ profile] frostfire_17. SG1/SGA apocalypse fic, where Wraith come to Earth. John/Daniel.

36,000 words of held breath and tears and that twisting feeling in your stomach when you read something that is so fucking fantastic it almost hurts. And it's funny, too, in a heartbreaking way, and it will have you laugh out loud at the lines and then go 'Oh, Daniel' and 'Oh, John'.

And I'm overusing cursive, but it's so brilliant I feel justified. If you ever watched Stargate, or even if you didn't, just go read it.
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Few days ago, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was celebrating it's tenth anniversary of appearing on the tv screens for the first time. Even though it wasn't an exact anniversary for me - I hadn't started watching Buffy till some time later, after it made its way to Polish tv... It still mattered. Ten years, eh?

Some TV shows I loved to pieces, hadn't made it past their first season. Some where cancelled abruptly and without a real reason. Some lasted for longer and became less and less the shows I loved.

I watch shows for different reasons. Buffy and Angel I watched for characters, wonderful and flawed. CSI and CSI:NY I watch for weirdness, murders that make me cringe and one-liners I groan at and still love. BSG I watch for the grittiness and hurt, and the people who ultimately, will pull through, I hope. Veronica Mars I watch for the snarkiness and fun. Gilmore Girls for the fast-paced dialogue and quirkiness. Stargate Atlantis for the swagger and Rodney's snark. Heroes for the awesomeness factor and the hot people. House for the dry wit and the insults and House being an asshole. Supernatural for the horror cliches and banter. Doctor Who for the strangeness and because it's clearly fantastic...

Stargate SG-1 I watch for the love.

I am not exactly active in SG-1 fandom. I don't really read fics... but that actually says a lot, because in my opinion, you hardly can improve on the show itself. This might be nostalgia talking, after all, the show is just ending after a ten years' long run, but... This is the one show that never disappointed me, never failed to make me laugh and cry and yell at the screen and then, at the episode's end, be satisfied that everything is right.

spoilers be here )
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And thro' the field the road runs by // To many-tower'd Camelot )

Also, BSG is still not dloading. I've given up. Cala is nice and Cala will share. *bows to Cala and her superior net-speed*

I'm thinking of going Friends Only... Too many RL people start sniffing around the LJ. What'd'ya think? FO?
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Stargate 9x07 Ex Deus Machina )

Summary of my summary: Teal'c!
(ya were right, hon. It's great to squeee that :]
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I bet you, my dear flist, are fed up with my 'Bored so much I'll die' posts.
But I can't seem to find anything to do, even if I do have a shitload of things that need to be done...
I'm just lazy, I guess.

So, because all cool kids are doing it (I saw it at [ profile] blacksatinrose's, [ profile] everysingleway's and [ profile] trickster_'s, to say the least). I'm gonna do that too.

One line stories!
Name a pairing (that I'm familiar with, in a fandom I'm familiar with) and a one word prompt and I will write one line of a story for it.

It may be more than one line, if my muse is tickled.

Also, random note. Finally saw sg-1 904 and 905 (I'm slow, but I live in Poland. We had only 6 seasons. I think).
Vala! Oh, how I love her... I want to be her, I want to do her, I want to have her babiez and I want her to fuck Daniel.
Hadn't decided yet which one... Probably all of the above. :]
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Drabbles I wrote some time ago...

My first actual slash, and first cross-over posted anywhere. Hope ya like it.

I promise to finish the serie...



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