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Hey, maybe I will be able to sort of keep this up?

True Blood 3x12 )

Gossip Girl 4x01 )

Hellcats 1x02 )

Lie to Me 2x22 )

Lost Girl 1x01 )

Merlin 3x02 )

Nikita 1x02 )

Outlaw 1x01 )

rizzoli and isles 1x10 )

Vampire Diaries 2x02 )

In conclusion: good week. Next one will be seriously crazy, all the shows seem to be back. Monday alone fills me with dread :D
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So, the season is starting. \o/ I do wonder how soon I will fall behind :D

Hellcats 1x01 )

Vampire Diaries 2x01 )

White Collar 2x09 )

leverage 3x13 )

Rizzoli & Isles 1x09 )

Nikita 1x01 )

Merlin 3x01 )

And this was a slow week...
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Using only episode names from one TV show, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat an episode title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "My life according to ..."

I'm doing it twice, for CSI:NY and Star Trek TOS, because it's too fun to pass up. )


Aug. 27th, 2009 01:41 pm
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Not spoilery: OMG OMG OMG.

Spoilery OMG )
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1. I'm getting kind of dizzy and sort of cross-eyed from studying too much (ie, at all). I love my studies, and I actually like exams (yeah, I know), but there comes a moment when too much Drama (English and American, at the moment, from Shakespeare to Pinter) hurts my brain.

2. In between studying; still rewatching Star Trek TOS. After a season you stop looking at the hilariously bad costumes and effects, and start noticing the amazing awesomeness. And counting how often Kirk's shirt gets ripped open.

3. Rediscovering the joys of public transport. (Car still being fixed, should get my baby back next Thursday.) One of the drivers on my route curiously resembles Bradley James.

4. Watching Big Bang Theory makes you hungry for Chinese. Unfortunately, there's no place in my general vaccinity (and by this, I probably mean the entire freakin' country) that has decent food *and* delivers.

5. Star Trek reboot kidfic. Too much? I mean, I thought that Batman kidfic was a bad idea, and it turned out fine (I think), so...

6. On the other hand, IDEK, kidfic? When did I start to like writing kidfics?

7. One more day of this fucked up weather and I'll be very pissed. I have so many pretty summer dresses for this season, but I won't wear them until I'm sure I won't be drenched sometime during the day. I mean, what's with the rainfalls from the clear sky?


May. 2nd, 2009 06:42 pm
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Last SPN episode seems to have proven definitely that spoilers kthxbye )
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Higher brain functions can't be accessed.

Thought processes can be summarised as: What? How? What? FUCK. What?
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I was going to do an epic Sarah Connor Chronicles meta post, but I think I'll just go and start rewatching the entire season before I watch the finale.

If this gets cancelled, I'll cry. And punch things. And probably go and make an effigy and burn it in my garden, or something.

Show, how are you THAT awesome?
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I'm finally seeing a point in watching the Dollhouse, the last two episodes were actually like a Joss Whedon show.

spoilers sleep in a box )

tl;dr: If you watched the first ep and found it lacking, try 1x06 and 1x07. It's almost like a different show.

Now, Sarah Connor Chronicles. Which continues to amaze me this season, and which I love like burning, because how many shows quote Virginia Woolf in the episode titles, and have kick-ass female characters with guns and emotions and mission and badassery? YES.

if this show gets cancelled, I shall go on a killing spree )
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Don't you just love Thursdays? Well, I suppose Wednesdays for those of you who get these shows on tv, and don't have to wait till the next morning... But I love Thursdays.

csi:ny 5x18: Point of No Return )
Lie to Me 1x07: The Best Policy )
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Give a man a title of a Detective Sergeant, and a British accent, and he immediately rises on my scale of hotness by at least three points.

Watching Law & Order UK, already a great fan of Matt/Alesha and James/Alesha.

Yes, because I need another procedural to watch. But, Freema. And Jamie.

Oh, show.

Jan. 17th, 2009 11:23 pm
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I have just cried my eyes out on an NCIS episode. That hadn't happened since... oh, wait. That never happened before.

This season is so awesomely, wonderfully good, it boggles my mind. Last season had been dreadful, season before that, mediocre. Now, they're back to the top form, best since season two, if not best ever.

All the crime shows are difficult to pull of after a while, there's only so much you can do with making the Case of the Week interesting and novel. Once in a while you can fuck with the format of the series and pull it off splendidly (CSI had some great episodes of that, for example, the Lab Rats last season was brilliant), but you can only do that a few times. In your third, fifth, or ninth season, you really have to rely on the characters.

And NCIS fucked that up last season, in my opinion, making some abysmally weird character choices (even Tony was annoying me. I love Tony, how could he annoy me?), but this season? Every damn character gets a moment to shine, and yet it doesn't feel forced. The ensemble works like a damn good piece of music; they keep working each other up, and annoying each other, and making fun of each other, but you see the love and trust and how good a family they are (also something that I love about My Good Boyfriend Show: CSI:NY). And it's so amazingly funny, the dialogue flies and oh my, Tony and Ziva and McGee worked up a fantastic banter camaraderie, I'm loving it. (I also love the shows where everyone makes fun of everyone regularly but it's never mean spirited: How I Met Your Mother, for example, or again, CSI:NY)

I was on the verge of giving it up this season, to be honest. God, that would have been stupid.
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I am all caught up on The Sarah Connor Chronicles now, and I don't think there is a better show going on at the moment. I think it might even be winning with CSI:NY in my heart, and that's something.

It's smart and kickass and awesome and it makes me flail and it makes me think and it makes me hunt thinky meta and fics.

And the best part is, I adore every single character and I don't ship anyone. It's brilliant.


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